The Sefirot in Jewish Kabbalah
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Netzach (Hebrew: נצח‎, "victory") is the seventh of the ten Sephirot in the Jewish mystical system Kabbalah. Located beneath Chesed, at the base of the "Pillar of Mercy" also consisting of Chokhmah ('Wisdom') and Hesed ('Loving-Kindness'). Netzach generally translates to "Eternity" and in context of Kabbalah refers to "Perpetuity", "Victory", or "Endurance".

Jewish Kabbalah

Within the Sephiroth, Netzach sits geometrically across from Hod. This pairing makes up the third such group, the "tactical" sefirot, meaning that their purpose is not inherent in themselves, but rather as a means for something else.

Understanding the attributes of Netzach and Hod gives us a new perspective into understanding what is happening in the world. No longer do we merely look at an act at face value, and attempt to understand it as such, but we must look at it also in terms of "a means to an end."

These sephirot mark a turning point. Whereas the first two groups of sefirot deal with God's intrinsic will, and what it is that He desires to bestow upon man, these sephirot are focused on man: What is the most appropriate way for man to receive God's message? How can God's will be implemented most effectively?

Netzach refers to actions of God that are chesed, "kindness," in essence, but are presented through a prelude of harshness. Hod refers specifically to those events where the "wicked prosper." It is retribution —Gevurah, "strength/restraint," in essence, but presented by a prelude of pleasantness.

Netzach is "endurance," the fortitude, and patience to follow through on your passions. It is paired with Hod as the godly attributes related to group interactivity, with Netzach being leadership, the ability to rally others to a cause and motivate them to act; while Hod is community, the ability to do the footwork needed to follow through on ideas and make them happen. Netzach is identified with the right leg or foot when the Tree of Life is portrayed on the human form, while Hod is the left leg or foot.

Netzach is the sphere of Venus: the feminine aspect of God, which stands for receptivity and acceptance, also known as the Earth Mother in its fructifying aspect. Just as the mother goes through labor and pain to bring forth life, so does the earth mother endure and support every life-form. Netzach stands for Earthly love and acceptance (as opposed to the Heavenly love: judgemental and correcting —Chesed): the Great Mother's love.


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