Double dribble

In the game of basketball, a double dribble is a violation in which a player dribbles the ball, clearly holds it with a combination of either one or two hands (while either moving or stationary), and then proceeds to dribble again without first either attempting a field goal or passing off to a teammate. Double dribbling can also occur if a player tries to dribble using both hands at the same time.


Official NBA rules

In the National Basketball Association, a dribble is movement of the ball, caused by a player in control, who throws or taps the ball into the air or to the floor.[1]

The dribble ends when the player:[2]

  1. Touches the ball simultaneously with both hands
  2. Permits the ball to come to rest while he/she is in control of it
  3. Touches the ball more than once while dribbling, before it touches the floor.

Officials' hand signals

If a double dribble occurs, the official will first blow his whistle. To signal the violation of a double dribble, the official will place both hands straight with fingers straight out in front of him/her palms facing the ground and move one hand up and the other hand down.[3] The double dribble sign is called the "illegal dribble" sign in the rule book.


If a double dribble violation occurs, then the ball is awarded to the opposing team out of bounds nearest the point where the violation took place under NCAA and NFHS rules.[4] Under NBA rules, the ball is awarded to the opposing team at the nearest spot but no closer to the baseline than the free throw line extended.[5]


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