Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine

name = Ain Shams school of Medicine, Ain Shams University

established = 1928
type = Public
president = Prof. Ahmed Nassar
city = Cairo
country = Egypt
undergrad =
postgrad =
staff = 2,500
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address = Abbassyia, Faculty of Medicine, 11566
campus = Cairo, Cairo
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Tel. = (202) 24821510 – 24821513
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Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine, is a public Egyptian graduate school and one of the faculties of Ain Shams University. It is the main school of medicine in Cairo Governorate.Since its founding in 1947, making it the third medical school in Egypt, it has promoted several programs of medical care to serve society, in addition to environmental development and continuous scientific research for local and international health. It became part of Ain Shams University in the 1950s, when it was established after adding several faculties. [ [ School Mission and Objectives.] ] [ [ School History.] ] Each year the faculty holds an annual conference dedicated to the recent advances in medical science.


The original El-Demerdash Hospital was established on 5/8/1928 by a generous grant from El-Demerdash Pasha [ [ Al-Ahram Weekly] ] and his wife and daughter. It was built on 12,400 square metres, and had 90 beds and the following sections: quarters for a resident physician and chief nurse, two wards, a surgery unit, out-patient clinic, a laboratory, kitchen, laundry room, isolation ward, an autopsy department and a mosque containing the mausoleum for the El- Demerdash family. the Foundation of the Hospital was witnessed by many epeople representing all the society of Egypt and also by the two most powerful figures in the country in that time: Lord George Lloyd (later on George Lloyd, 1st Baron Lloyd), the British high commissioner , and Prime Minister of Egypt Mohamed Mahmoud Pasha. The opening cermony was covered by Al Ahram, "The Times" and "the Near East" journals. [ [ Al-Ahram Weekly] ] . It was officially opened on 5/5/1931. The hospital later on became the nucleus around which the Ain Shams Faculty of medicne and teaching hospitals were formed. A memorial metalic plate and a marble monument were erected to mark this event.

The Translation of the metallic plate is: The hounarable late Pasha Abdel-Rahim Moustafa El-Demerdash (may he has all god forgiveness) and the two ladies his wife Zainab Hanem El-Demerdashieah and his daughter Qout Alqoulob Hanem El-Demerdashiah have donated -on the 5th of Augest 1928- by the piece of land on which this Hospital was erected which is 15,000 meter square, and donated the sum of 100,000 Egyptian Royal Pounds to be divided as 40,000 for the building of the hospital and 60,000 to be put into a Waqf and its benfits are dedicated to the expenses of running the hospital.This was in the time of his Royal highness King Fouad I king of Egypt and his Excellancy Mohammed Mahmoud Pasha the Minister.And the Official royal building authority supervised the building of the Hospital, Also the Public health authority headed by his excellancy Doctor Mohammed Shahin Pasha has equiped the hospital and started its mangement on 1931.And his Excellancy Ismail Sedky Pasha the Prime Minister has officially opened the Hospital on 5/5/1931 (Outpatients clinics) and on 20/5/1931 (Inpatients wards) to offer free treatment for all diseases for all people of all religons and nationalities.


The faculty of medicine with its hospitals are located in Abbassyia district of Cairo governerate. On Ahmed Lotfy Al-Sayed street.


The campus is located in Cairo, consists of three faculties and one institute, educational hospitals, outpatient clinics, administration, a library, scientific societies and some medical units.

Faculties and Institutes

:Faculty of Medicine::Not only one of the medical schools, but a free hospital serving more than one million patients annually.:Faculty of Dentistry::In addition to the educational role, provides dental community services.:Faculty of Nursing::Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems.:Institute of Psychiatry::A group of faculty and staff dedicated to education and research in psychiatric care.

Hospitals and other components

:Ain Shams University Educational Hospitals:El-Demerdash hospital.:Blood bank & Clinical Pathology Complex.:Ain Shams University Hospital Administration Compound.:Training & Education Enhancement Center.:Doctors hostel and Restaurants Compound.:Park and Playing yards.

School hospitals

[ [ Ain Shams University Hospitals] ]

Educational Hospital

::Faculty of Medicine Educational Hospital (internal medicine and surgery), consists of an outpatient clinic and inpatient department. Both have approximately 3000 beds and serve about 1,000,000 patients annually. It doctors are professors of medicine and students in all specializations.

Medical Centers and Outpatient Clinics

:Institute of Psychiatry Hospital.::As stated by Ain Shams University, "It contains 100 beds, serving about 1000 patients annually at its inpatient departments. In addition to the outpatient clinic and the laboratories, the center includes departments for the treatment of psychiatric diseases and addiction.":Poison Control Center::It contains 32 beds and treats about 25,000 patients annually. Holds an intensive care unit and a medical analysis laboratory including toxicological screening. :Radiation Oncology & Nuclear Medicine Center::Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors, it contains 28 beds, serving about 19,000 patients annually. :Outpatient Clinics ::Receive around 1000 patients daily in all specialization (General and Special Medicine, General and Special Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Blood Diseases, Viral Hepatitis, Endoscopes, Vascular Surgery). :Emergency Departments ::Receive around 500 cases daily and provide 24-hour service.

Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital

::Established in 1984 as a self sponsored unit to provide advanced medical care service.

The Cardiac Surgery Academy, CSA

::CSA is an independent establishment, belongs to Ain Shams University, with a 400 bed capacity, most of them are surgical, also provides many free services.

Intensive care units

::Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Surgical, Trauma & Surgical ER, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Toxicology, Coronary, Pediatric cardiology, Respiratory system, Burns, Cardiothoracic surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neonatal.


The school comprises 10 Academic departments including Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Community Medicine (Public Hygiene & Occupational health), Forensic and Toxicology. In addition to 6 major Clinical departments including Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat ENT), Internal medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics.

Notable faculty graduates

* Prof Ahmed Okasha, President of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association and President of World Psychiatric Association (WPA) from 2002 through 2005 [ [ Ahmed Okasha from Psychiatric News] ] [ [http:// Ahmed Okasha from World Psychiatric Association] ]
* Prof Adel Sadek, psychiatrist, writer and philanthropist
* Prof Ali Khalifa, philanthropist, poet and biochemistry researcher
* Prof Mohammed Fathy Abdel Wahab, scientist of fevers and tropical disease [ [ Prof M F Abdel Wahab CV] ] [ [ one of his articles] ] [ [ Article about drug resistant Typoid fever] ] .
* Prof Ahmed Sami Khalifa, pediatric hematologist who was given the National Encouragement Award in Medical Sciences in 1982, and the National Recognition Award in Advanced Technological Sciences in 1998 [ [ Prof Ahmed Sani Khalifa] ] .
* Prof Poul Ghelliongy, internist and medical history writer (Arabic and Pharonic) [ [ Poul Gholiongy books] ] [ [ Paul Gheliongy in Arabic Encyclopedia] ]
* Prof Mohammed Sabbour, internist, scientist and founder of many medical societies
* Prof Abdel Moniem Ashour, psychogeriatrician, one of the founders of the International Psychogeriatrics Association (IPA), writer and founder of the Al-Zehimer Egypt Association [ [ IPA creation] ] [ [ IPA Growth] ] .
* Prof Hamdy El-Sayed, head of Parliament's Health Committee and Chairman of the Egyptian Doctors' Syndicate [ [ Hamdy Al Sayed] ]
* Prof Mohammed Awad Tagg Eldin, respiratory disease professor and former Minister of Health [ [ Mubarak return] ]
* Prof Maher Mahran, obstetrician, former Minister for Population and Family Welfare, and former Secretary General of the National Population Council of Egypt [ [ Maher Mahran talk] ] [ [ A study] ] [ [ Maher Mahran Statement on Egypt Population] ]
* Prof Ismael Sallam, cardiothoracic surgeon and former Minister of Health and Population from 1996 until 2002 [ [ Ismail Sallam profile] ] , one of the nine candidates for the position of World Health Organization Director-General


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