Roger Norman


Roger Norman is a professional offroad racing competitor. He has raced in numerous off-road circuits, including SCORE/Tecate Baja series and Best In The Desert.

Most recently, he and Larry Roeseler just took home the overall winner and 1st in Class at the SCORE Terrible's 300 in Primm, NV. This major victory puts Roger in contention to win the Baja 1000 and the 2008 SCORE series. [Clark, D. 2008 "Dirt-Newz" [ SCORE Norman/Roeseler Snag Overall Win at SCORE Terrible's 300 in Primm] ]

Personal life

Roger Norman was born in San Diego. Norman is the husband to Elise Norman. His mother is Fran Muncey and his late stepfather is Bill Muncey, the family that for years fielded some of the fastest, most radical unlimited hydroplane racing boats – winning over 100 races and 16 gold cups.Roger began building his construction and real estate business at a young age ad moved to Reno, NV. [Fiolka, M. 2006 "" [ On the Edge ROGER NORMAN, A RACING PROTÉGÉ EMERGES FROM THE SHADOWS] ]

Racing career


In 1996, Roger entered the Vegas to Reno race with motorcycle icon Chris Haines in a Class 10 car. Their wives were the only pit crew they had. He soon found himself part of Rod Hall’s factory-backed Hummer team in 1998, and by 1999, he and Hall had won the BITD championship. [Fiolka, M. 2006 "" [ On the Edge ROGER NORMAN, A RACING PROTÉGÉ EMERGES FROM THE SHADOWS] ]


In 2001 Roger won the SCORE Baja 1000 with Chad Hall. He claimed a victory in the Wide Open Baja Challenge in 2004 co-driving with Bob Sutton, Rod Millen and actor Paul Newman. That win was repeated in 2005 with Sutton, Millen and Mike “Mouse” McCoy.In the 2006 BITD Vegas to Reno, he teamed with Reno friend John Harrah in Class 1500 to post a third in class and sixth overall performance - that was exactly 10 years after his first desert race ever. [Fiolka, M. 2006 "" [ On the Edge ROGER NORMAN, A RACING PROTÉGÉ EMERGES FROM THE SHADOWS] ]

Norman Motorsports

Norman started Norman Motorsports as a professional off-road racing team. The fleet consists of 3 racing Trophy Trucks and 2 Trophy Truck Pre-runners.

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