List of Arkansas Razorbacks in the NFL Draft

The University of Arkansas Razorbacks have drafted 245 players into the the National Football League (NFL) since the league began holding drafts in 1936.ref label|Note1|a|a The Razorbacks' highest draft position was second overall in 1954, when Lamar McHan was selected by the Chicago Cardinals. [cite web |url= |title=Arkansas Razorbacks - History |accessdate=2008-07-09] cite web |url= |title=Arkansas Drafted Players/Alumni |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=Sports Reference LLC |] Arkansas' first drafted player in the NFL was Jack Robbins, who was the fifth overall pick by the Chicago Cardinals in 1938. [cite news |url= |title=Smith Knows What McFadden Is Going Through |author=Abrams, Alex |date=2008-04-19 |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=The Morning News/Razorback Central |] Six players were selected from the 2008 NFL Draft; the highest selection being running back Darren McFadden, who was picked fourth overall by the Oakland Raiders. [cite news |url= |title=Darren McFadden adds punch to Raiders offense |author=Brown, Clifton | |accessdate=2008-07-09 |date=2008-04-26]

Each NFL franchise seeks to add new players through the annual NFL Draft. The team with the worst record the previous year picked first, the next-worst team second, and so on. The exception to this record-based order is that the winner of the previous Super Bowl picked last and the loser picked second-to-last. Teams may also negotiate with one another both before and during the draft for the right to pick an additional player in a given round. For example, a team may include draft picks in future drafts in order to acquire a player during a trading period. Also, teams may make negotiations during the draft relinquishing the right to pick in a given round for the right to have an additional pick in a later round. [cite web |url= |title=Draft Basics |work=Stevenson's Scouting Service | |accessdate=2008-07-09] [cite web |url= |title=NFL Draft Basics: Determining Order of Selection | |author=Adler, James |accessdate=2008-07-14]

Before the AFL-NFL merger agreements in 1966, the American Football League (AFL) operated in direct competition with the NFL and held a separate draft. This led to a massive bidding war over top prospects between the two leagues. As part of the merger agreement on June 8, 1966, the two leagues would hold a multiple round "Common Draft". Once the AFL officially merged with the NFL in 1970, the "Common Draft" simply became the NFL Draft. [cite news |url= |title=Time Changes for 2008 NFL Draft |date=2008-04-22 |accessdate=2008-07-18 |work=NFL] cite web |url= |title=NFL History by Decade: 1961–1970 |accessdate=2008-07-16 |work=NFL]

Sixteen former Razorbacks players have been elected to a Pro Bowl, and 19 former Razorbacks have won a championship with their respective teams.ref label|Note2|b|b Eighteen drafted Razorbacks are still active in the NFL: Jamaal Anderson, Shawn Andrews, David Barrett, Michael Coe, Nate Garner, Ken Hamlin, Marcus Harrison, Peyton Hillis, Chris Houston, Tarvaris Jackson, Keith Jackson Jr., Felix Jones, Matt Jones, Darren McFadden, Marcus Monk, Tony Ugoh, Dante Wesley, and Bobbie Williams.ref label|Note3|c|c


Player selection


*note label|Note1|a|aDue to the NFL-AFL merger agreement, the history of the AFL is officially recognized by the NFL and therefore this list includes the AFL Draft (1960–1966) and the Common Draft (1967–1969).cite web |title=The AFL: A Football Legacy |url= |date=2001-01-22 |accessdate=2008-07-13 |work=Sports Illustrated |author=Cross, B. Duane]
*note label|Note1|m|mnote label|Note1|n|nnote label|Note1|o|onote label|Note1|p|pnote label|Note1|q|qnote label|Note1|r|rFrom 1960 through 1966, teams with a superscript AFL denotes player drafted in the AFL Draft and teams with a superscript NFL denotes a player drafted in the NFL Draft.
*note label|Note1|s|snote label|Note1|t|tnote label|Note1|u|uFrom 1967 through 1969, teams with a superscript AFL denotes player drafted by an AFL franchise and teams with a superscript NFL denotes a player drafted by a NFL franchise.
*note label|Note2|b|bCollected from the chart below. References can be found in the table.
*note label|Note3|c|cThe list of active players in the NFL is according to the [ NFL player search] on [] .
*note label|Note4|d|dDenotes a player who has earned selection to the Pro Bowl or All Star Game at least once in his career.
*note label|Note5|e|eDenotes a player who has won a champions with their respective team. This includes player who won an AFL champions and Super Bowl champions as the NFL includes this statistics for the NFL playoffs. [cite book |title=2008 NFL Record & Fact Book |publisher=Time Inc. Home Entertainment |isbn=1603207708 |author=NFL]
*note label|Note6|f|fThis is the team that drafted the player, not their most recent team.
*note label|Note7|g|gnote label|Note7|h|hAl Baldwin was drafted in 1946 by the Chicago Cardinals (271st overall) and in 1947 by the Boston Yanks (25th overall).
*note label|Note8|i|inote label|Note8|k|kLeon Campbell was drafted in 1950 by the Baltimore Colts (15th overall) and in 1951 by the Chicago Bears (336th overall).
*note label|Note9|j|jnote label|Note9|l|lFred Williams was drafted in 1951 by the Cleveland Browns (315th overall) and in 1952 by the Chicago Bears (56th overall).
*note label|Note10|v|vnote label|Note10|y|yPaul Dudley was drafted in 1961 by the Green Bay Packers (54th overall) and in 1962 by the San Diego Chargers (232nd overall).
*note label|Note11|w|wnote label|Note11|z|zJim Collier was drafted in 1961 by the New York Giants (95th overall) and in 1962 by the Buffalo Bills (244th overall).
*note label|Note12|x|xnote label|Note12|ab|abJerry Mazzanti was drafted in 1962 by the Philadelphia Eagles (223rd overall) and in 1963 by the San Diego Chargers (194th overall).
*note label|Note13|aa|aanote label|Note13|ac|acWes Bryant was drafted in 1963 by the Boston Patriots (126th overall) and in 1964 by the Detroit Lions (90th overall).
*note label|Note14|ad|adJessie Clark transferred to Louisiana Tech University. [cite web |url= |title=Green Bay Packers Draft History |publisher=The Red Zone |accessdate=2008-07-09] [cite web |url= |title=Jessie Clark Statistcs |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=Sports Reference LLC |]
*note label|Note15|ae|aeFreddie Bradley transferred to Sonoma State University. [cite news |title=Sports People: College Football; 2 Acquitted of Rape Charge |url= |publisher=The New York Times |date=1993-01-27 |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=Associated Press] [cite web |url= |title=Freddie Bradley Statistcs |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=Sports Reference LLC |]
*note label|Note16|af|afMike Cherry transferred to Murray State University after his junior year. [cite news |title=Cherry on Nutt: He's the man for the job |url= |author=Cain, Scott |work=Arkansas Democrat-Gazette |publisher=Arkansas Democrat-Gazette |date=1997-12-11 |accessdate=2008-07-09]
*note label|Note17|ag|agKenny Wright transferred to Northwestern State University. [cite news |title=Redskins Add to Secondary, Sign CB Wright |url= |date=2006-04-03 |accessdate=2008-07-09 |author=Fitzgerald, Gary |publisher=Washington Redskins]
*note label|Note18|ah|ahChris Akins transferred to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff after his sophomore year. [cite web |url= |title=Chris Akins New England Patriots Profile |accessdate=2008-07-09 |work=New England Patriots]
*note label|Note19|ai|aiDante Wesley transferred to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff after his freshman year. [cite web |url= |title=Dante Wesley Arkansas Sports 360 Profile |accessdate=2008-07-09 |]
*note label|Note20|aj|ajTarvaris Jackson transferred to Alabama State University after his redshirt freshman year. [cite news |url= |title=Former Hog QB reunites with Nutt |author=Holt, Bob |date=2006-01-20 |accessdate=2008-07-09 |]
*note label|Note21|ak|akMichael Coe transferred to Alabama State University after his junior year. [cite news |url= |title=Michael Coe to Transfer to Alabama State |date=2006-06-27 |accessdate=2008-07-09 |publisher=Arkansas Razorbacks |work=Razorback Media Relations]



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