Showdown! is a blues album by Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland, released in 1985 through Alligator Records.

Track listing

#"T-Bone Shuffle" (T-Bone Walker) – 4:54
#"The Moon Is Full" (Gwen Collins) – 4:59
#"Lion's Den" (Copeland) – 3:55
#"She's Into Something" (Carl Wright) – 3:49
#"Bring Your Fine Self Here" – 4:30
#"Black Cat Bone" (Semien, Harding Wilson) – 4:54
#"The Dream" (Unknown) – 5:28
#"Albert's Alley (Collins) – 4:01
#"Blackjack" (Ray Charles) – 6:26

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