Flemish (disambiguation)

Flemish can refer to anything related to Flanders, and may refer directly to the following articles:

*Flemish, a number of varieties of the Dutch language as spoken in Belgium.
*The East Flemish and West Flemish dialects of the Dutch language.
*Flemish community.
*Flemish people.

ee also

*Flemish movement, a political movement for Flemish autonomy
*Flemish Region, a constitutional region in Belgium
*Flemish Community, an institutionalized community in Belgium
*Flemish government, the executive branch of the Flemish Community and Flemish Region
*Flemish parliament, the legislative assembly in Belgium
*Flemish literature, the literature of Flanders
*Flemish painting, a historic school of painting centered in Flanders
*Flemish Eye, a record label
*Flemers, common name
*Flemish bond, a type of brickwork bond

*Maritime Flanders
*Romance Flanders
*Walloon Flanders

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