Carol Kalish

Carol Kalish (born February 14, 1955Kraft, David Anthony. 1984, 'Sales Director Carol Kalish: Marvel's Direct Sales Manager Tells Her Side', Comics Interview, vol. 1, no. 18, pp. 57-71] ) was a Vice President of New Product Development cite journal
title=Lies We Cherish: The Canonization of Carol Kalish
author=Gary Groth
date=November 1991
journal= [ The Comics Journal]
] at Marvel Comics, spending the last ten years of her life as direct sales manager of Marvel Comics to comic-book specialty stores. One of her most famous actions was a program wherein Marvel helped pay for comic book stores to acquire cash registers.

Kalish graduated from Radcliffe College with Honors in Geography and a specialty in History. She worked as a comic book retailer and wholesaler, and as assistant editor on a line of comic books.

Her first work in circulation was two years as Circulation Manager on the science fiction publication Galileo. This led to a position with New Media Distribution and later Marvel Comics.

She was known as Marvel's "Mistress of Propaganda" and discovered Alex Rosscite web
title=In Memoriam: Carol Kalish
author=Glenn Hauman
date=September 5, 2007
(photograph)] and Peter David.

Kalish died on September 5, 1991 from heart failure, at the age 36.

Controversy after her death

Tributes to Kalish were generally complimentary.cite web CAROL
publisher=CBG (Comics Buyers Guide)
date=October 11, 1991
(republished on the web in 2002)] Gary Groth was less effusive. Although respectful of her personal qualities, he considers that these weren't always used for the best of purposes, "Kalish, who I have no reason to believe was anything other than decent and personable in her personal relations, devoted her professional life to expanding the hegemonic power of a corporation that already owns all the distributors and most of the retailers, ...". In particular he described the CBG piece as "memorialization", which led to its indignant republishing on the web in 2002, with at least one resultant comment contemplating Groth's grisly death by lightning. Clearly she could divide opinions, "the Esteemed Carol Kalish proceeded to rip me to little feathered pieces like a canary caught in a lawn mower"cite web
title=Why I disliked Carol Kalish, and don't care if Peter David disagrees with me about it
author=Darren 'Doc Nebula' Madigan


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