Cyclothymic personality

Cyclothymic personality (Affective personality) is a DSM-II personality disorder. It has the following definition:quotation|This behavior pattern is manifested by recurring and alternating periods of depression and elation. Periods of elation may be marked by ambition, warmth, enthusiasm, optimism, and high energy. Periods of depression may be marked by worry, pessimism, low energy, and a sense of futility. These mood variations are not readily attributable to external circumstances. If possible, the diagnosis should specify whether the mood is characteristically depressed, hypomanic, or alternating.cite book
last= American Psychiatric Association
year= 1968
title=DSM-II:Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
edition= 2nd Ed.
publisher=American Psychiatric Association
location=Washington, D.C.
pages= p. 42

The term "cyclothymia" was first coined by K.L. Kahlbaum in the 1870s to refer to a single disease encompassing both mania and melancholia which he believed showed itself in various forms and combinations in a single individual over time. Emil Kraepelin borrowed this reasoning in his concept of "circular illness" and proposed the name "manical-depressive insanity".cite book
last= Millon
year= 1996
title=Disorders of Personality: DSM-IV-TM and Beyond
publisher=John Wiley and Sons
location=New York
pages= p.290, 543
id= ISBN 0-471-01186-X

The term Cyclothymic personality is still used today in some diagnostic systems, including ICD-10 as a variant of cyclothymia. [cite web


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title=Cyclothymic Disorder: European Description

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title=The bipolar spectrum -- Angst 190 (3): 189 -- The British Journal of Psychiatry

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