Uglydoll is a brand which began as a collection of best selling toys created by creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. The Uglydoll line was first launched in January 2001, and are distinguished by an aesthetic that balances traditional cuteness with perceived ugliness. In 2006, Uglydolls were awarded the Specialty Toy of the Year award by the Toy Industry of America.[1]

Icebat: 12" Uglydoll, 7" Little Ugly, and 4" keychain.



The name of the brand is actually UGLYDOLL with no "s" at the end. It started in October 2001 with a letter David Horvath wrote to Sun-Min Kim just after she had to move away due to a student visa expiring, long before they were married. That letter had a cartoon of his character Wage at the bottom saying: "Working hard to make our dreams come true so we can be together again soon" next to it. That dream was to tell stories through books and toys. As a surprise gift Sun-Min sewed a doll of Wage, and sent it to David in the mail. David showed Wage to his pal Eric Nakamura, owner of the Giant Robot magazine and store, who thought David was pitching him a product and immediately ordered a few more for his shop. David wrote to Sun Min asking her to sew more, while sending emails with stories about Wage, Babo and Ice-Bat's first ever adventure, soon to become Chilly Chilly Ice-Bat. The stuffed animals come in a normal size, a "little ugly", "Jumbo", or a clip-on.


As they are handmade, each doll features slight variations enhancing the dolls' uniqueness. Note that even though they are all handmade, they are considered retail editions. Collectors refer to handmade Uglydoll as those made by Sun Min Kim. They also include a small tag describing the character's distinctive personality. There are also Uglydoll books, keychains, clocks, clothing, blankets, stationery, tin toys, action figures, and of course, dolls.

Appearances in popular culture

In the 2007 film Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, some Uglydolls were seen in the store, and were animated to dance near the end of the film.

On her first day of school in 2009, Sasha Obama, U.S. President Barack Obama's daughter, wore a Babo's Bird keychain on her backpack.[2]

A Coldy-Holdy Ice Bat is seen in FAO Schwarz in the 2011 film "The Smurfs".


In May 2011, it was announced that an animated feature film is being developed by Illumination Entertainment, the production company known for animated hit Despicable Me.[3]

Uglydoll characters


  • Babo (Male)
  • Bop 'n' Beep (Males)
  • Cinko (Male)
  • Ice-Bat (Male)
  • Jeero (Male)
  • OX (Male)
  • Tray (Female)
  • Target (Male)
  • Uglydog (Male)
  • Wage (Male)
  • Wedgehead (Male)


  • Chuckanucka (Male)
  • Moxy (Female)
  • Peaco (Male)


  • Abima (Male)
  • Big Toe (Male)
  • Deer Ugly (Male)
  • Gato Deluxe (Male)
  • TooDee(Male) (Discontinued)
  • Uglyworm (Any Gender)


  • Babo's Bird (Male)
  • Plunko (Male)
  • Poe (Male)
  • Puglee (Female)
  • Ugly Ghost (Male)


  • Trunko (Male)
  • Fea Bea (Male)
  • Winkolina (Female)
  • Mr. Kasoogi (Male)
  • Mrs. Kasoogi (Female)
  • Turny Burny (Males)
  • Uppy (Male)


  • Cozymonster (Male)
  • Flatwoodsey (Any Gender)
  • Jrumpy (Male)
  • Ket (Male)
  • Mynus (Female)
  • Mij (Female)
  • Nandy Bear (Male)
  • Ninja Batty Shogun (Male)
  • Picksey (Male)
  • Pointy Max (Male)
  • Tutulu (Male)
  • Uglybot (Male)
  • Wippy (Male)


  • Basheeshee (Male)
  • Brip (Male)
  • Dave Darinko (Male)
  • Groody (Male)
  • Suddy (Female)
  • Ugly Charlie (Male)
  • Brad Luck (Male) (As Citizen 1)
  • Nopy (Male) (As Citizen 2)
  • Meetso (Male) (As Citizen 3)
  • Quippy (Female) (As Citizen 4)
  • Querit (Male) (As Citizen 5)
  • Sour Corn (Female) (As Citizen 6)
  • Heu Googeuy (Male)
  • Ikoy Yoki (Male)
  • Tub Nubury (Unknown, possibly Male)
  • Hib Eyebye (Female)
  • Niimah (Female)
  • Brip Drip (Male)
  • Jiker (Female)
  • Croudy (Male)
  • Gerry Berry (Male) (As Citizen 7)
  • Thumb Crumba (Male) (As Citizen 8)
  • Langis (Male) (As Citizen 9)
  • Gleno (Male) (As Citizen 10)
  • Wrey Wrinko (Male) (As Citizen 11)
  • Zoltan Zolto (Male) (As Citizen 12)
  • Indrid (Male) (As Citizen 13)
  • Jay Jdizzy (Male) (As Citizen 14)
  • Big Brenny (Male) (As Citizen 15)
  • Glary Glen (Female) (As Citizen 16)
  • Jayberry (Male) (As Citizen 17)
  • Small Timer (Male) (As Citizen 18)
  • Recky (Male) (As Citizen 19)
  • So Greeno (Male) (As Citizen 20)

Limited editions


  • Green Cinko - FAO Exclusive
  • Green Wage - Tower Records Exclusive
  • Blue Ox - Kidrobot Exclusive
  • Green Wedgehead - Super 7 Exclusive
  • Halloween Ice Bat - Super 7 Exclusive
  • Thawed Ice Bat - Giant Robot Exclusive
  • Sneak Preview Little Uglydolls - SDCC Exclusive
  • Sailor Babo - Uglycon 1 Exclusive
  • Secret Mission Uglydolls - SDCC Exclusive
  • Red Tooth Wedgehead


  • Ice Lodge Uglydolls - SDCC Exclusive


  • Abima Uglycon Tokyo Collection
  • Akihabara Pink Ice Bat
  • Blue Abima
  • Ice Bat Uglycon Tokyo Collection
  • Poe Uglycon 3 NYC Collection
  • Sea Sick Sailor Babo
  • Sleepy Chilly Ice Bat


  • Coldy Holdy Ice Bat - FAO Exclusive
  • First Mate Trunko - SDCC Exclusive
  • Hidden Poe - NYCC Exclusive
  • OX Collection
  • Ket (pink) - Kitson Exclusive


  • Big Toe Collection
  • Blue Nandy Bear - Learning Express Exclusive
  • Ket at Night (dark blue) - Kitson Exclusive
  • Long Time Ago Ice Bat - Giant Robot Exclusive
  • Red Flatwoodsey - FAO Exclusive
  • Uglycorn - SDCC Exclusive


  • Uglycat - Japan Exclusive
  • Cookie Dream Babo - SDCC Exclusive
  • Cookie Chef Babo - Redemption Certificate Exclusive
  • Holiday Uglydog - FAO Schwarz Exclusive


  • 10th Anniversary Wage

Action figures

2009 WAGE[male]

  • Babo
  • Ice-Bat
  • Jeero
  • Ox
  • Wage
  • Wedgehead
  • Red Tooth Wedgehead
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Ice-Bat line


  • Big Toe
  • Peaco
  • Poe
  • Trunko
  • Uglydog
  • Uglyworm


  • Babo's Bird
  • Kaiju Ice-Bat
  • Ket
  • Nandy Bear
  • Ninja Batty Shogun
  • Pointy Max


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