Boo (disambiguation)

Boo is an expression of dislike for a performance.

Boo may also refer to:

*Boô, a Saxon cattle shed

In entertainment:
*"Boo!" (1932 film)
*"Boo!" ("Frasier" episode)
*"Boo!" (TV series)
*Boo ("Dragon Ball") or Majin Buu, a character in "Dragon Ball" media
*Boo (hamster), a fictional pet hamster in the "Baldur's Gate" universe
*Lil' Boo, a rap artist, member of Young Money
*A character in the "Mario" series
*A character in the film "Monsters, Inc."
*A fictional hamster with strap-on wings in "Megatokyo"

In other uses:
*Boo (programming language)
*Boo! (band), a South African band
*, a dot-com clothing company
*Boötes, a modern star constellation

People with the given name

*Boo McLee (born 1983), American football player
*Boo Weekley (born 1973), American golfer

ee also

*Buu (disambiguation)
*My Boo (disambiguation)

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