Jalwehra, commonly known as Jalerha, is a village in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Its population in 1991 census was 657. Its area 1.35 square kilometres. The surrounding villages are: Panchhat, Narur, Nasirabad (Shekhpur), Toderpur, Nanglan, Thindlan & Chairan. The nearest road is Panchhat-Phagwara 2 km. The nearest railway station is Phagwara 23 km. The post-office of Jalwehra is in Toderpur. Jalwehra was established in census 1800. The village is famous for many persons; Sukhdev Singh Jalwerha, former MLA Chaudhury Amar Singh, Sikh priest Baba Kartar Singh, Jasbir Singh Doad, etc. The most population is Doad (almost 90%). Many youth of the village has immigrated (legally/illegally) to Europe and North America. The most people of Jalwehra are to be found in Canada and Belgium. The villages current lambhardaar is Jasbir Singh Doad.


A small village of about 500 residents. The village is near the famous village Panchhat. So all facilities are near by because Panchhat has 2 hospitals as well as 4-5 schools/institutes.

This village mostly has houses of Doad's. There are 2 homes of Manj and 2 of Biharis.

Village has 4 Gurdwara's.

All houses in this village are modern brick concrete house.


After the slaughter of Doads at Garh Shankar (see more: Doad), five grandsons of the last Doad King survived. The grand-youngest son of the last Doad King, who was also killed Korewans, was married to a girl from Ajnoha. During the Garhshankar tragedy, the wife of the youngest prince was at her parents house in Ajnoha because she was expecting a baby. She gave birth to a son.

In those days, it was not considered to keep the son of a daughter in the village. When the young prince became an adult in 1800, the villagers of Ajnoha built a house for him in the land of the village Panchhat.

In the course of time, his cousins, the sons of his two uncles, who were homeless uptil then, finally came to live with him in Panchhat. The son of his third uncle, whose name was Ghamandi, also came to live in with him. The brother of Ghamandi, named Jattu, went to live in Thakarwal.

The descends of Jattu, went to live in New Thakarwal (Randhirgarh) and others came to live with the son of the youngest prince. Sometime later, they also bring the people of lower cast from Garhshankar to their place. Their place of residence was located in the low land. In the rainy season, their village remained full of water for many days. That is why their village began to be called “Jalwehra” the terrace of water.


In the rainy season, the village remained full of water for many days. That is why their village began to be called “Jalwehra” the trace of water. Jalwehra comes from two Punjabi words: Jal (water) and Wehra (terrace or courtyard).


The religion in Jalwehra village is 90% Sikh and 10% Hindu.


There are 4 Gurdwara's in the village. The most famous on being gurdwara Samadhan Dhan-Dhan 108 Sant Baba Kapoor Singh, Hukam Singh & Munsha Singh Ji.

#Gurudwara Sach Khand
#Gurudwara Dhan Dhan 108 Sant Baba Kapoor Singh, Hukam Singh & Munsha Singh Ji

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