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Solomon is the English name derived from the Hebrew Shlomo שלמה related to the word "shalom" ("peace"), [cite book
last = Kaplan
first = Aryeh
title = The Bahir
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] he was the well-known King Solomon mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The Arabic name is سليمان, Suleiman or Sulayman, (also meaning "peace"). Many other people and places have been named Solomon:

Last name


*Albert Solomon (1876-1914), Australian politician, Premier of Tasmania
*Anthony M. Solomon (1919-2008), American Treasury Undersecretary and President of the Federal Reserve Board of New York
*Gerald B. H. Solomon (1930-2001), American politician
*John R. Solomon (1910-1985), Canadian politician
*Vaiben Solomon (1853-1908), Premier of South Australia


*Gustave Solomon (1930-1996), American mathematician and engineer
*Immanuel the Roman or Immanuel Ben Solomon (1261-1328), Italian-Jewish scholar and poet
*Martin K. Solomon, mathematician
*Maynard Solomon, Beethoven scholar
*Richard Solomon (1918-1995), psychologist
*Robert C. Solomon (1942-2007), American philosophy professor
*Sheldon Solomon, psychology professor

In sports

*Dean Solomon, Australian footballer
*Freddie Solomon, former American football player
*George Solomon, American sportswriter
*Harold Solomon, former tennis player
*Jesse Solomon, former American football player
*Joe Solomon, former West Indian cricketer
*Moses Hirsch Solomon (1900-1966), rabbi, baseball player


*David Solomon (producer), television producer
*David Solomon (writer), scholar and writer
*David A. Solomon, computer consultant and writer
*Elijah ben Solomon, also known as Vilna Gaon (1720-1797), noted Jewish rabbi
*F. Darwin Solomon (1937-1998), American actor, professionally known as Darwin Joston
*Haym Solomon (1740-1785), financier of the U.S. in the Revolutionary War
*Ikey Solomon (1785-1850), English criminal
*Job ben Solomon or Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (1701-1773), Muslim slave and writer
*Kimberly Quinn, born Kimberley Solomon, American journalist, commentator, and magazine publisher
*Linda Solomon, music critic
*Norman Solomon, author and media critic
*Russ Solomon, founder of now-defunct Tower Records
*Shirley Solomon, Canadian television talk show host
*Simeon Solomon, British Pre-Raphaelite painter
*Solomon Joseph Solomon, British Pre-Raphaelite painter
*Theodore Solomons (1870-1947), explorer
*Tommy Solomon
*Vonzell Solomon, American singer


King Solomon's reputation is such that his name is used in sobriquets:
*Salomon of Cornwall, a late 5th century 'warrior prince,' or king, of Cornwall in England
*Solomon of England
*Solomon of France
*Solomon of Hungary


*Solomon Islands, a nation state in the Pacific
*Division of Solomon, Australian electoral division
*Solomon, Kansas, USA
*Solomon River, Kansas, USA
*Solomons, Maryland, USA


*Microsoft Dynamics SL, software package formerly called Solomon Accounting
*Solomon of Montpellier, a 13th century Rabbi
*Operation Solomon, Jewish evacuation mission from Ethiopia, 1991
*Solomon (Handel) oratorio by George Frideric Handel, 1748
*Solomon, professional name of British pianist Solomon Cutner (1902-1988)
*Solomon Airlines, national airline of the Solomon Islands
*Solomon Grundy, nursery rhyme
*Solomon's House, one of the first plans for an institution of pure and applied science, in Francis Bacon's 1626 novel "The New Atlantis"

ee also

* Salomo
* Salomon
* Salamon
* Shalom
* Shlomo


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