An intrepreneur is a person who has an entrepreneur skill set but works within an organisation, enterprise, or venture. This could be within an organisation that seeks the dynamisism of forward thinking employees or incubation companies.


Intrapreneur - The spirit of entrepreneurship within an existing organization.Intrapreneur is a person who focuses on innovation and creativity and who transforms a dream or an idea into a profitable venture, by operating within the organizational environment. Intrapreneurs, by definition, embody the same characteristics as the Entrepreneur, conviction, passion, and drive. If the company is supportive, the Intrapreneur succeeds. When the organization is not, the Intrapreneur usually fails or leaves to start a new company.An Intrapreneur thinks like an entrepreneur seeking out opportunities, which benefit the corporation. It was a new way of thinking, in making companies more productive and profitable. Visionary employees who thought like entrepreneurs. IBM is one of the leading companies, which encourages INTRAPRENEUR.Fact|date=September 2008

A Savvy Intrapreneur takes a good idea and makes it better.Fact|date=September 2008A Savvy Intrapreneur steps out of the comfort zone of corporate security, to insure s/he creates additional income which at least matches their take home pay. An Intrapreneur works overtime helping to run someone else's business, for the company's future. A Savvy Intrapreneur runs themselves like a business putting in 1 hour a day of overtime for their own financial future.

Developing a career while maintaining position at work requires staying focused as a Savvy Intrapreneur. This takes courage.Fact|date=September 2008

Definition and terminology

In the mid-80s, Gifford Pinchot coined the term "intrapreneur" to describe employees of large corporations hired to think and act as entrepreneurs. New grads may find that an intrapreneurship is just what they need to discover first hand all the ups and down of being an entrepreneur.

Pinchot defines intrapreneurship as "behaving like an entrepreneur when you're employed at a large corporation for the benefit of the corporation as a whole" and believes employment as an intrapreneur prior to trying a hand at entrepreneurship is a great way to get your foot into the entrepreneurial door.


The word "intrepreneur" is a play on the word Entrepreneur highlighting the fact that person is within an organisation as opposed to external ("entre-" is a French variant of the Latin "inter-").

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;General: Business incubator, Independent contractor, Social entrepreneurship, Internet Entrepreneur, Consultant, E-Myth; Entrepreneurship education: Master of Enterprise, Junior Enterprise, Young Enterprise, Business and Enterprise College;Agorism: Entrepreneuriat
* Science park
* Bioincubator
* Kitchen incubator
* Virtual business incubator


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*Pinchot began to develop some ideas about the in-house entrepreneur, calling the concept "intrapreneurship,' a word which has since been trademarked.
*Intracorporate entrepreneurship, as Pinchot defines it, an interpreneur is simply "someone who fills the entrepreneurial role inside a large organization."
* Harper & Row published book, Intrapreneuring: Why You Don't Have To Leave the Corporation To Become an Entrepreneur.

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