List of people with surname Williams

Williams is a common European surname. This list provides links to biographies of people who share this common surname.


*Aaron Williams, professional basketball player
*Aeneas Williams, former NFL cornerback
*Ali Williams, New Zealand rugby player
*Allison Vernon-Williams, the female lead character in the movie "Cry-Baby"
*Andre Williams (born Zephire Andre Williams in 1936), American R&B and rock and roll musician
*Andy Williams (born 1927), American singer
*Angel Williams female pro wrestler
*Anthony A. Williams (born 1951), Mayor of Washington, D.C.


*Barry Williams (born 1954), American actor ("The Brady Bunch")
*Bernard Williams, British philosopher
*Bernie Williams, pro baseball player
*Billy Williams, Hall-of-Fame pro baseball outfielder from the Chicago Cubs
*Billy Dee Williams, actor
*Brian Williams, American news reporter for NBC
*Brian Williams (sportscaster), Canadian sportscaster
*Bruce Williams, national radio talk-show host


*Carnell Williams (born 1982), American football player
*Charles Williams (1886–1945), British writer
*Christopher Williams (Welsh artist) (1873-1934)
*Clarence Williams (1893–1965), American jazz musician
*Clark Williams, NYS Comptroller 1909-1910
*Cliff Williams (born 1949), bassist for the Australian hard rock band AC/DC
* Craig Williams, the Human Tornado, professional wrestler
* Craig E. Williams, Vietnam War veteran and co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
* Craig L. Williams, Emperor XVI Craig Hollywood of the Imperial Court of New York


*Dafydd Williams (born 1954), Canadian astronaut
*Danny Williams (politician) (1949– ), Premier of Newfoundland
*Darren Williams (born 1977), English soccer player
*Darrent Williams (1982–2007), American football player
*Darryl Williams, (born 1970), retired American pro football player
*Daryl Williams (born 1955), Australian politician
*Dave Williams (20th century pitcher) (1881–1918), Major League Baseball pitcher
*Dave Tiger Williams (born 1954), Canadian hockey player
*Dave Williams (musician) (1972–2002), American singer in the band Drowning Pool
*David Marshall Williams aka "Carbine Williams" (1900–1975), inventor of short-stroke gas piston for firearms
*David Walliams (born 1971), British comedian, original surname Williams
*Deniece Williams (born 1951), American singer
*Deron Williams (born 1984), NBA basketball player
*Doug Williams (American football) (born 1955), first African-American quarterback to lead a winning team in the Super Bowl


*Earl Williams (politician), lawyer and political leader in Dominica
*Edward Bennett Williams (1920-1988), prominent American trial lawyer
*Emlyn Williams (1905–1987), Welsh actor and dramatist
*Eric Williams (1911–1981), Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
*Eric A. Williams, a Trinidad and Tobago politician
*Esther Williams, movie star


*Fara Williams (born 1984), English football player
*Sir Frank Williams, founder and owner of the WilliamsF1 Formula One constructor
*Sir Frederic Calland Williams (1911–1977), electrical engineer closely involved with the development of radar and early digital computers


*Gail Williams, director of The WELL
*Gary Williams, coach of the University of Maryland, College Park men's basketball team and 2002 national championship winner
*George C. Williams, American biologist
*Glyn Williams (footballer), Welsh footballer
*Guy Williams (1924–1989), American actor


*Hal Williams Actor
*Hank Williams, Sr., country music singer and guitarist
*Hank Williams, Jr., country music singer and guitarist, son of Hank Williams, Sr.
*Hank Williams III, country music singer and guitarist, son of Hank Williams, Jr.
*Harland Williams, Canadian-born comedian, actor, and radio personality
*Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore
*Henry Smith Williams, a medical doctor, lawyer, and author of a number of books on medicine, history, and science.


*Jack Williams (rugby player), Welsh international rugby union player
*James Leighman Williams, American fencer
*Jason Williams (basketball), professional American basketball player
*Jason Williams (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player with the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks
*Jay Williams (basketball), American college basketball player
*Jeff Williams (poker player), American poker player
*Jeffrey Williams, American astronaut
*Jeff Williams, Canadian political hack, and aspiring author
*Jeff Williams, Australian-born professional baseball player
*Jeremy Williams (Actor) (born 1982), British actor
*Jody Williams, American teacher, recipient of 1997 Nobel Peace Prize
*Joe Williams (jazz singer) (1918–1999)
*John Williams, American composer
*Jonathan Williams (disambiguation)
*Joseph Williams, American rock singer
*Joy Williams, Christian music singer and songwriter
*Justin Williams, Canadian ice hockey player currently with the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes


*Keller Williams, a folk/jam-band musician residing in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
*Kelly D. Williams, Artist/designer
*Kenneth Williams, TV and movie actor
*Kenneth L. Williams, herpetologist
*"Kip" Williams—Tod Williams (filmmaker) (b. 1968), film director and screenwriterjamie williams


*Lawrence G. Williams (1913–1975), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
*Leon Jay Williams (1976–), Singaporean singer and actor in Taiwanese dramas


*Madieu Williams, American football player
*Marcus Williams (Nets), American basketball player
*Marcus Williams (University of Arizona), American basketball player
*Mario Williams, professional American football player and former number one overall draft pick
*Mark Williams (snooker player), Welsh professional snooker player
*Matt Williams (born 1965), Major League Baseball player
*Michael Williams, a number of people with this name
*Michelle Williams (singer), American gospel/pop/R&B singer, actress, member of group Destiny's Child
*Midge Williams, American jazz vocalist
*Mitch Williams, known as "Wild Thing", Major League Baseball pitcher
*Morgan Williams, Canadian rugby player
*Morgan B. Williams, US Congressman from Pennsylvania


* Nicholas Williams (born 1942), an English linguist and expert on the Cornish language
* Nick Williams (born 1983), a New Zealand rugby football player
* Nick Luchey (born 1977), an American football player originally named Nick Williams


*Patrick Williams, American music composer
*Paul Williams, several people
*Percy Williams
*Peter Francis Williams, Australian amateur astronomer
*Petey Williams, professional wrestler
*Pip Williams, record producer


*Rachel Williams, model
*Ralph Vaughan Williams, British composer
*Raymond Williams, Welsh man of letters
*Rhydwen Williams, Welsh poet, novalist, editor, minister and television presenter
*Richard Williams (tennis player)
*Ricky Williams, American football player
*Robbie Williams, British singer
*Robert Williams, various people of the same name including:
**Rob Williams, radio talk show host
** Robert A. Williams, Jr., Native author and legal scholar
**Robert Franklin Williams, Civil Rights activist
*Robley C. Williams, American biophysicist
*Robin Williams, TV and movie actor
*Robin Williams (writer), writer
*Roger Williams, several people, including:
**Roger Williams (theologian), founder of Rhode Island
*Roley Williams, Welsh footballer
*Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
*Roy Williams (safety), American football player
*Roy Williams (wide receiver), American football player
*Roy Williams (coach), head basketball coach of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tar Heels
*Rozz Williams, American rock vocalist
*Ryan Williams, footballer

*Scott Williams, several people
*Serena Williams, US pro tennis player and sister of Venus Williams
*Sheldon Williams, US pro basketball player
*Shirley Williams, United Kingdom politician
*Sonny Bill Williams, New Zealand Rugby League Player
*Stanley Williams, early leader of the Crips
*Steve Williams, a name shared by a number of people
*Steven Williams, actor
*Susan May Williams


*Tad Williams, fantasy and science fiction writer
*Ted Williams, Hall-of-Fame pro baseball player for the Boston Red Sox
*Tennessee Williams, American playwright
*Terrick Williams, British painter
*Thomas Cardinal Williams (born 1930), a Catholic Archbishop and Cardinal from New Zealand
*Thomas Richard Williams (1825–1871), a British photographer
*Thomas Williams (Mayflower), a signatory of the Mayflower Compact
*Thomas Williams of Llanidan (1737–1802), a Welsh lawyer and businessman known as the “Copper King of Parys Mountain”
*Thomas Williams (British cartoonist) (1940–2002)
*Thomas Williams (writer) (1926–1990), an American novelist
*Thomas Williams (Australian politician)
*Thomas Williams (UK politician) (1915–1986)
*Thomas H. Williams (California) (1828–1886), attorney general of California from 1858 to 1862
*Thomas Williams (Pennsylvania) (1806–1872), a United States representative
*Thomas Williams (Alabama) (1825–1903), a United States representative
*Thomas Hickman Williams (1801–1851), a United States senator from Mississippi who served from 1837 to 1838
*Thomas Hill Williams (1780–1840), a United States senator from Mississippi who served from 1817 to 1828.
*Thomas Scott Williams (1777–1861), a United States representative from Connecticut
*Thomas Sutler Williams (1872–1940), a United States representative from Illinois
*Thomas Wheeler Williams (1789–1874), a United States representative from Connecticut
*Todd Williams (born 1969), American long-distance runner
*Tom Williams (Australian rules footballer)
*Tom Williams (television), Australian television presenter
*Tom Williams (Irish Republican) (1924–1942), IRA member who was hanged
*Tom Williams (ice hockey b. 1940) (1940–1992), American professional hockey player from 1961 to 1976
*Tom Williams (ice hockey b. 1951) (born 1951), Canadian professional hockey player from 1971 to 1979
*Tom Williams (footballer) (born 1980), English-Cypriot football player
*Tom Williams (rugby player) (born 1983), English rugby union player
*Tommy Williams (politician) (born 1956), Republican member of the Texas Senate
*Tom Williams, Baron Williams of Barnburgh (1888–1967), British Labour Party politician, MP 1922–1959, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries 1945–1951
*Tony Williams (1945–1997), American jazz drummer
*Tonya Lee Williams, Canadian actress


*Vanessa L. Williams, singer, actress, and Miss America
*Venus Williams, pro tennis player and sister of Serena Williams
*Victoria Williams, singer/songwriter


*Waldo Williams (1904–1971), Welsh poet
*Walt Williams (baseball) (born 1943), Major League Baseball outfielder
*Walt Williams (born 1970), American basketball player
*Walter Williams, economist
*Warren Williams (disambiguation), any of several people of that name
*Wayne Williams, imprisoned serial murderer
*William Williams, any of several people of that name
*Willie L. Williams, Police Department chief in Philadelphia and Los Angeles

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