Ibercivis is a distributed computing project developed by the "Institute of Complex Systems Biocomputing and Physics (BIFI)",University of Zaragoza. It's the first BOINC project developed in Spain and was launched in April 2007.


Ibercivis is used for simulations in 3 major areas:

* Nuclear fusion :

The application "fusion" simulates particle trajectories in a fusion plasma.

It's used in conjunction with the fusion research reactor Heliac Flexible TJ-II at theresearch center CIEMAT (Centro de Investigationes Energeticas, Medioambientales y Tecnologicas).The results are used for the development of ITER.

* Docking:

The application "docking" simulates chemical docking of proteins.

* Materials:

The applications materiales32 and 64 do simulations in the domains of raw material, crystal lattices,
magnetism and the development of superconductivity.


The user currently cannot select which application to work on. It is difficult for non Spanish users to be introduced to the project and how to contribute to it.

External links

* [http://www.ibercivis.es/ Ibercivis - project website]
* [http://www.ibercivis.es/ Homepage with description of the project (currently spanish only)]
* [http://internacional.universia.net/espanya/unizar/inf_general_de.htm University of Zaragoza]
* [http://www.ciemat.es/ CIEMAT]
* [http://registro.ibercivis.es/ URL for attaching with BOINC]

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