Republic of Peščenica

Republika Peščenica is a satirical-parodical project of dictator-ruled republic by famous Croatian maverick traveller Željko Malnar.

Events are aired on anti-TV-show Nightmare Stage or "Noćna mora", Saturdays from 22:00-04:00 on Z1, and transmitted via satellite (a pause during the summer).
Events are described in short version in Malnar's column in the Globus magazine from Zagreb.

For a short period of time, shortened (and censored) versions of previous shows were aired on Croatian national TV in May of 2007 (as "Privremeni tjednik"; only five episodes).

It is located in Peščenica working-class neighbourhood in Zagreb.The neighbourhood is on the northern part of the city (northwards from Sava river), southeastwards from very city center.

Anthem is "Danijela".Željko Malnar & Soma Dollara: "Dobro jutro, Peščenico" (Anthem 2?).


* Željko Malnar, the President
* Ševa, Minister of Defense
* Braco Cigan, "Cro-Rom", fighter for the rights of Roma people in Peščenica; Cro-Rom is parodical name, because of its similarity with the name of worldwide known Croatian MMA superstar Crocop)
* Cezar Legenda, singing legend
* Jajan, newspaperman and TV-news speaker (pronounce: Yayan); a guy with speech problem, with pronunciation of "r", instead, he pronounces "y"; that way he cannot properly pronounce its nickname, Jaran; jaran (read: yaran), means "(close) friend" (expression from Bosnia), while name jajan could have meaning that designates a person with large testicles)
* Stankec
* Tarzan
* Laki, dancer
* Anđa, singer
* Slađa

Cultural manifestations

* "Dora Noćna mora", song contest (parody on Croatian Eurovision qualification contest Dora; name is rhyming, made of Dora and Noćna mora, title of the TV-show)

Famous actions

* Voluntary surrender and extradiction of Malnar's generals and ministers to the Hague and ICTY ("You go there, so I don't have to go."), a parody on the same events from reality.
* R. Peščenica's (military) returning of Savudrijska vala and giving it back to Croatia ("Because our friendly neighbor Croatia doesn't have balls to do it herself."). Parody on Croatian-Slovenian border dispute about Savudrijska vala (Bay of Savudrija).
* Involving Peščenican personalities into Croatian political life (elections). Includes Jajan's political plan: forming of Flašistička stranka (parody to Fascist ( _hr. Fašist) -> Flašist, originating from _de. Flasche, bottle: "bottleist", "drinkers' party") and leading of Croatia into Vrapče (a parody on paroles "leading of Croatia into EU"; Vrapče is a neighborhood in northwest Zagreb known for its psychiatric hospital)


*Željko Malnar: "Filozofija Republike Peščenice", Birotisak, Zagreb, 2004., ISBN 953-6156-31-8

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