Australian places named by James Cook

Australian places named by James Cook

This is a list of Australian places named by James Cook. James Cook was the first explorer to chart most of the eastern Australian coast, one of the last major coastlines in the world which was unknown to Europeans. Cook named many bays, capes and other geographic features, nearly all of which are still gazetted [ [ Geoscience Australia, place name search] ] , and most of which are still in use today, although in some places the spelling is slightly different. This is a list of the placenames he used in his first voyage listed from south to north as described on his 1773 map [ [ A Chart of New South Wales, or the east coast of New Holland Cook, James, 1728-1779] ] and in his journals.


* [ "The Endeavour" journal (1)] and [ "The Endeavour" journal (2)] , as kept by James Cook - digitised and held by the National Library of Australia
* [ Voyages of Captain Cook, 1st voyage]
* [ James Cook, Voyage of the Endeavor, 1768-1771]
* [ The South Seas Project] : maps and online editions of the Journals of James Cook's First Pacific Voyage. 1768-1771, Includes full text of journals kept by Cook, Joseph Banks and Sydney Parkinson, as well as the complete text of John Hawkesworth's 1773 Account of Cook's first voyage.

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