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developer = Flagship Studios
publisher = [ IAH"Games"] , Hanbitsoft
distributor =
designer =
series =
engine =
version = 0.7 (English Version)
released = October 31, 2007
genre = MMORPG/Action
modes = Multiplayer and Singleplayer
ratings =
platforms =Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X
media = [ Buy it now!]
requirements = Minimum:
OS: Windows 2000
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphic Card: GeForce 2 MX 400
OS: Windows XP or later
CPU: 2.4 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB or bigger
Graphic Card: GeForce 4 or higher
input = Keyboard, Mouse
footnotes = You will need WinZip and WinRAR to unzip the setup.

Hellgate: London is a Massive Multiplayer Action Game developed by Flagship Studios. The English version is published by IAHgames.

EA Version

IAH"Games"' Hellgate: London is available for international players from all around the world although its main target is for South East Asia.

Release date

IAH"Games" has already released this game and you can buy it right now.


Hellgate: London is a game that is always having events for the community. It is very fun and they keep the community together. You can win a lot of stuff from the events. You should always stay in tune for new upcoming events.


Come and join the [ Forums] to stay in touch with the community and the announcements of the game.


Hellgate: London takes place in 2038, post-apocalyptic London. London has been invaded by demons. Until recently, humans had many champions holding back the invasion. Various real-world events are referenced in the background of the Hellgate story as averted crossover attempts. The Crusades were actually undertaken to fight back the minions of Hell, as was the charring of London in the Great Fire to wipe out the Plague. According to the storyline, the famous Knights Templar were the keepers of knowledge on how to battle demonic forces. Unfortunately, these heroes underwent a charring of their own at the hands of a jealous King Phillip IV, who hated the power they held in the world at large. While the Knights Templar survived as an organization, their numbers were severely diminished and were forced to remain in hiding to stay alive.

As time passed and technology progressed, the old ways began to fade from memory and the secrets of the arcane were lost. When the demons attacked again, they found their enemies unprepared. Ordinary weapons were no use against the demons, who could shrug off an RPG round. The Templars offered their special services to the military, but the leaders balked, refusing to believe in the old truths. Hellgate quickly took the victory in the battle for Earth. The Burn, a decades-long process of "hellforming", has begun.

However all is not lost, as various groups have been preparing for just such an eventuality. Freemasons built the London Underground to be demon resistant, and as such the stations now act as bases, "safe zones" for would-be defenders. These defenders are armed with a fusion of modern weaponry and arcane magic such as flamethrowers that throw Greek fire or swords covered in locusts. In the game, players are one of these defenders.


Hellgate: London is an action role-playing game that builds upon the core design of roguelikes by using random generation of maps, monsters, and loot to allow for replayability. [4] The game can be played in either third person perspective or first person perspective. Melee classes are set to a third-person view and cannot select first-person perspective, whereas ranged classes default to a first-person view but can switch to third-person if so desired. Precision aiming is not required to use most weapons; which track their targets, “lock-on”, or carpet an area with explosives. The game contains sniper rifles and other weapons that require accurate manual aiming, most are exclusive to the Hunter faction. Hellgate: London can be played offline or online without a fee. Players can pay a monthly fee to gain additional content over time, including new areas, weapons which have dropped but were inaccessible, monsters, classes, quests, events, titles, game modes and other content. [5] The game consists of five acts to unify the areas a player travels through on a greater scale. All acts account for approximately 25-40 hours of single-player gameplay.

The game world of Hellgate: London is a set of demon-infested dungeons and city streets, featuring safe zones such as disused Underground stations. The safe zones scattered across the world act as havens, where players can purchase and upgrade items at NPC merchants, interact with other players in the game world, and commence or complete quests. The journey between zones is randomly generated, levels are fully 3D, rendered with the game's own proprietary graphics engine. Included in these environments are randomly generated enemies, bosses and items. The game features historical London areas and buildings, St. Paul's Cathedral was featured in an early concept art drawing. Another building that has been brought up in an interview is the Clock Tower which houses Big Ben.



The Templar faction is an underground society leftover from the original Knights Templar. They combine futuristic technology with magic and ancient artifacts to create armor and weapons for melee and short-ranged combat. Templar classes are the only classes able to wield melee weapons, shields and use self-affecting auras, but have a limited ranged weapon selection.

* Blademaster - An offensively-focused melee class, the only profession that can dual-wield swords.
* Guardian - A defensively-focused melee class.


The Cabalists are students of the dark arts and fringe science. This often leaves them standing right on the line between good and evil. These powerful arcane casters seek knowledge about the demons, as well as how to achieve mastery over them. As spell casters, they are suited for mid-range combat.

Cabalist classes use ranged weapons that have many unique effects.

* Evoker - An Evoker's skills include an extensive array of elemental attacks and curses. Evokers can equip two focus devices at the same time if they purchase the dual wield skill.
* Summoner - A Summoner's skills include offensive abilities and many summoning abilities. Summoners can summon a main minion that can be enhanced over time and smaller minions for specialized use. Summoners cannot equip more than one focus device.


The Hunters are mysterious, highly-trained ex-military operatives who lay waste to their foes with advanced weapons blending arcane magics with the latest in technology. They are able to hit their targets from long distances.

Hunter classes rely on high-powered rifles and cannons. Their armor relies more heavily on the regenerating shield element, rather than the damage absorbing armor element. This is suited for long range attacks but weak when overrun by many opponents.

* Marksman - The Marksman is a ranged weapon specialist with many skills to enhance his or her weaponry. Example: Sniper locks the character in place but provides a range and damage bonus at the cost of rate of fire (in patch 1.2 the player receives a 50% movement speed reduction in sniper stance).
* Engineer - A minion class similar to the Summoner, with expendable minions as well as combat drones that can wield weapons. Example: Assault Drone summons a hovering bot that can use weapons and torso armor, it is the "main" pet of the Engineer.


The weapons base their power on character stats more than a player's aiming skills, being more of an RPG than an FPS in this regard. For example, a player can place points in an Accuracy statistic that determines the precision of the rounds they fire.

There are five types of damage. When a target takes damage, there is a chance that it will suffer a special effect (or "debuff") based on the type of damage taken. Multiple forms of damage can be combined through mods onto a single weapon, which makes fulfillment of the minigame much more lenient and enjoyable.

Each weapon has a Strength value for the special effect of each type of damage it does (e.g. Ignite Strength for Fire weapons), comparing to the corresponding Defense stat of the target (e.g. Ignite Defense) in order to calculate the chance that a target will suffer the corresponding debuff. Items, mods, skills, buffs and equipment enhancements can alter Strength and Defense stats.

All weapons deliver their damage in one of three different modes:

* Direct - only the enemy under the crosshairs will receive the damage
* Splash - The damage effect will cause damage in an area centered on the target or location the player is aiming at.
* Field - An area of terrain is targeted to inflict damage on enemies who enter it. There are a number of other effects, which can cause projectiles to bounce, spawn novas of splash damage, and spawn more projectiles, which may or may not ricochet around the environment or pass through multiple enemies. These are typically the result of passive skills or special abilities of enhanced, rare and legendary weapons. They are not usually under the direct control of the player, instead relying on a random percentage chance for the effect to occur.


Hellgate: London uses a heavily randomized item system of at least a hundred base weapon types and many armor types, with a pool of random special properties and bonuses (magical affixes) applied to them to achieve re-playability and promote item collection.

Furthermore, unwanted weapons and armor can be freely disassembled to save space in one's inventory, often yielding standard or rare crafting materials. These components can be exchanged for special crafted weapons at an NPC vendor, or used to upgrade existing weapons or armor at the Nanoforge device in most safe zones. Additionally, random special properties can be added to weapons or armor at a similar device. Blueprints are available by which one can craft one's own armor, weapons and mods, given the raw materials.

Lastly, elite subscriber-only items are dropped for all players, however they are only useable by subscribed players. This is part of a widely criticized in game advertising system for the subscription service.

As such, the gamut for item collection and customization includes:

Weapon mods (ammo, batteries, and so on, which can be removed for a price and swapped) Upgradeable damage or armor values at the Nanoforge (using spare parts and Nanoshards) The addition of random special properties to weapons and armor (for a price - properties can be Common, Rare or Legendary) Crafted weapons, armor and mods (using spare parts and blueprints or at an NPC "maker") Items may have slots that a player can insert "mods" in to enhance their power. Mods can be technology that improves items, but also demonic artifacts and holy items, known as relics. Technology mods are more aimed at specific weaponry upgrades, while relics are more general in what bonuses they give, such as giving fire damage enhancements regardless of the wielded weapon; if the player adds a mod to their weapon, this change is shown in-game (if a scope is added, then the weapon will render with a scope.) Mods can be removed at special devices in the quest-area hubs. Example types of mods are listed below:

Ammo Magazines - Modify the amount, type, range, or accuracy of weapons. Magazines can be magical or technological in nature. Battery Packs - Battery packs charge weapons with different types of damage, such as spectral, shock (lightning), fire, poison, or physical. Fuel Tanks - Confer different damage types onto weapons. Relics - Often considered holy, relics may be part of a greater item or an item previously owned by someone of great ability. Rockets - Like ammo magazines rockets change the type of ammo a weapon uses while adding an explosive element, often making it more powerful.


Buddy Lists

Much better and easier ways to organize your friends!


Anyone can join a guild. Special name colors and tags on characters show their affiliation.

Buddy and Guild Chat

Special chat channels so you can keep your conversations clear.

Bigger Levels in Nightmare Mode

These increase the time players get to spend in each area, giving the game a more expansive feel at higher difficulty levels.


Players can both duel and enter elect to enter free-for-all PvP Mode. To duel, a player invites the person they wish to duel into a group, and heads into an adventuring area. They then right click on the portrait of the person they wish to duel and select the Dual option from the displayed list. Dueling can only take place outside of Underground hubs. Players can also choose to enter into PvP mode which means they can be attacked and harmed by anyone else that has chosen to also always be ready for PvP. This is a way to have wide-ranging free-for-alls, or create your own “friendly fire” way of playing the game.

Tuned Game Progression

Level and monster progression is more thematic in nature. While this does not affect the overarching layout of the world map, it does make each act feel more defined and focused.


We’ve added loads of additional details on the people and places in the game through various NPCs in the world. This definitely helps make the stations feel more alive and provides players with more of the back story.

More Quest Information

Quest NPCs do a better job of getting you prepared to know what you’re fighting and why. The overall story flows much better, the named demons that are encountered are given more story weight, and players gain a much better sense of overall direction.

NPC Tweaks

The vocal responses given by NPCs have been tuned so that they tend more towards the serious and “normal”, reserving the twisted commentary for specific characters or rare moments from the general populace. Elite ModeThis is for those players that always feel a game is too easy. The demons are tougher, deal out more damage, move faster, travel in larger groups, and have more champions at the ready. Numerous tweaks to the overall balance and progression of the game make this an extremely challenging mode.


These are long-term goals for players. The player starts with a few new goals in an Achievement Log. These can be as simple as slaying a certain amount of specific demons to something as difficult as completing quests without the benefit of armor! Players uncover new goals as they start to meet the requirements of that achievement. For example, after 50 zombies have been slain, an “Achievement Unlocked” message displays on the screen. Checking the Achievement Log shows how many zombies must be eradicated to complete the achievement. Rewards for completing achievements can be anything from reputation to tags on the player to special particle effects to items to special skills to – well, anything is possible!

ubscriber Features (available at later period)


Characters have one life, and ONLY one life, to give for the cause. There is no resurrecting your downed hero in Hardcore mode, so different tactics, skills and items rule the day. For the gamer that wants the ultimate test, try playing an Elite Hardcore character!

Guild Creation

Buy purchasing a Guild Herald, a character can form a new guild. Characters can only be part of one guild at a time and should a Guild leader decide to abandon their post, they can pass leadership of the Guild to another subscribing guild member.

Extra Character Slots

While everyone gets 3 character slots, subscribers can have a maximum of 24 characters.

Larger Stash

Each character gets an extra 6x8 section in their storage locker, making the hording of all sorts of goodies that much easier. Pack rats rejoice!

IAH"Games"' Exclusive Dye Kits

Take your character’s look to the next level with an exclusive dye kit, an in-game item to color your character’s armor.

IAHGames has already released 3 dye kits with the pre-order initiative – Shadow Tiger, Kung Fu Bunny & Emerald Vengeance.

Another dye kit – Twilight – has been released. This dye kit is exclusive to winners of Community initiatives and contests so do participate regularly for your chance to win one!

Other dye kits will become available soon, so keep checking the website for updates.

You can see them [ here.] You can also pre-order them.

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