Pejavara Matha Guru Parampara

Pejavara Guru Parampara is the lineage of Swamijis or pontiffs who have headed the Pejavara matha, one of the Ashta Mathas of Udupi. The matha was started by Sri Adhokshaja Tirtha [ [ Sri Pejavara Adhokshaja Matha] ] , who was a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya, the founder of the Dvaita school of Hindu philosophy. Till date, 32 pontiffs have headed this matha. The current Swamiji is Sri Vishvesha Tirtha and his successor is Sri Vishvaprasanna Tirtha [ [ After the disappearance of Madhva] ] .

The Lineage [ [ Guru Parampara] ]

# Adhokshaja Teertha
# Kamalaksha Teertha
# Pushkaraksha Teertha
# Amarendra Teertha
# Mahendra Teertha
# Vijayadhvaja Teertha
# Uttama Teertha
# Chintamani Teertha
# Damodara Teertha
# Vasudeva Teertha
# Vadindra Teertha
# Vedagarbha Teertha
# Anuprajna Teertha
# Vijaya Teertha
# Vishveshwara Teertha
# Vishvabhushana Teertha
# Vishvavandya Teertha
# Vidyaraja Teertha
# Vishvamurthy Teertha
# Vishvapati Teertha
# Vishvanidhi Teertha
# Vishvadhisha Teertha
# Vishvadhiraja Teertha
# Vishvabodha Teertha
# Vishvavallabha Teertha
# Vishvapriya Teertha
# Vishvavarya Teertha
# Vishvaraja Teertha
# Vishvamanohara Teertha
# Vishvajna Teertha
# Vishvamanya Teertha
# Vishvesha Teertha
# Vishwaprasanna Teertha


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