Cake and Pie

Infobox Album | Name = Cake and Pie
Type = Album
Artist = Lisa Loeb

Released = February 26, 2002
Recorded = —
Genre = Rock
Length = 42:32
Label = A&M Records
Producer = Ron Fair
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
*"Rolling Stone" (favorable) [ link]
Last album = Firecracker
This album = Cake and Pie
Next album = Hello Lisa

"Cake and Pie" is an album by Lisa Loeb. It was released in 2002 through A&M Records. The first single "The Way It Really Is" was a moderate hit among college radio; "We Could Still Belong Together" was also included on the soundtrack to "Legally Blonde". It was a commercial failure, having reached 199 on the Billboard Hot 200. "Cake and Pie" did not receive major backing or promotion from Loeb's record label, and she was subsequently dropped. Loeb bought the rights to the masters of the songs, and the album was renamed Hello Lisa.

Track listing

#"The Way it Really Is" (Glen Ballard, Lisa Loeb, Lindy Robbins) – 3:58
#"Bring Me Up" (Loeb) – 3:29
#"Underdog" (Loeb, Dweezil Zappa) – 3:01
#"Everyday" (Loeb, Randy Scruggs) – 4:01
#"Someone You Should Know" (Dave Bassett, Loeb) – 3:22
#"Drops Me Down" (Loeb) – 3:00
#"We Could Still Belong Together" (Sean Kelly, Loeb, Solomon Sheppard) – 3:00
#"Kick Start" (Gary Burr, Loeb) – 2:47
#"You Don't Know Me" (Loeb, Zappa) – 3:50
#"Payback" (Loeb) – 4:42
#"Too Fast Driving" (Loeb) – 3:08
#"She's Falling Apart" (Derek Holt, Loeb, Thom Schuyler) – 4:14
#"Look Me In The Eye" (Japan Bonus Track) – 2:49

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