The Approach Gallery

The approach is "small but innovative" [ [ "UK ART MAP"] ,, accessed June 23, 2008.] contemporary art gallery situated above a pub in Bethnal Green, London. [ [ "Emerging stars in the East End"] ,, Feb 18, 1998, accessed June 23, 2008.]


The gallery was founded in 1997 by Jake Miller, along with Damien Meade, Ana Genoves and others. [ [ "The approach, Interview with Jake Miller, September 1998] ,] One of the gallery’s original objectives was to offer solo exhibitions to London based artists at the start of their careers - several of whom have gone on to achieve international success. The programme has since expanded into an international one, and The Approach continues to work with established artists, as well as exhibiting younger emerging artists.

In April 2006 The Approach opened a second gallery space (The Reliance) in Old Street. [ [ "Artnotes: Reliant (expansion plans of The Approach Gallery)"] , "Art Monthly", April 1, 2006.] The programme has included a number of emerging international artists, premiering in London for the first time.

In November 2007 The Approach opened its new West End gallery space in Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia, London W1. [Helen Sumpter, [ "Fitzrovia's burgeoning art scene"] , "Timeout", May 6, 2008, accessed June 23, 2008.] From November 2007 – November 2009 The Approach will operate a dual programme in the East and the West, The Approach E2 and W1 respectively.


Artists represented by The Approach include: Phillip Allen, Helene Appel, Matthew Brannon, Cris Brodahl, Stuart Cumberland, Patrick Hill, Evan Holloway, Inventory, Germaine Kruip, Rezi van Lankveld, Edward Lipski, Dave Muller, Michael Raedecker, Brett Cody Rogers, John Stezaker, Mari Sunna, Evren Tekinoktay, Sara VanDerBeek, Gary Webb, Martin Westwood, Sam Windett


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