Algebra (disambiguation)

Algebra is a branch of mathematics.

Algebra may also mean:
* elementary algebra
* abstract algebra
* linear algebra
* universal algebra
* computer algebra

In addition, many mathematical objects are known as algebras.
* In logic:
** Boolean algebra (structure)
** Heyting algebra
* In set theory:
** algebra over a set
** sigma algebra
* In linear algebra, and the study of vector spaces:
** algebra over a field
** associative algebra
** commutative, anticommutative, and super- algebras
** Lie algebra
* In ring theory:
** algebra over a commutative ring (or R-algebra)
* In functional analysis:
** Banach algebra
** Operator algebra
** C* algebra
** von Neumann algebra
* In category theory:
** F-algebra
** F-coalgebra
* In the relational model:
** Relational algebraSee also algebraic

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