Popular music pedagogy

Popular music pedagogy - alternatively called Rock music pedagogy, Popular music education, or Rock music education - is a recent development in the field of music education consisting of the application of the systematic teaching and learning of rock music and other forms of popular music both inside and outside formal classroom settings.

The origins of popular music pedagogy may be traced to the gradual infusion of rock music into formal schooling since the 1960s, however in recent years it has expanded as a specialization to include the offering of entire degree programs - even graduate degrees - in institutions of higher education. Some notable community institutions, such as Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Seattle's Experience Music Project have also contributed to the development of popular music pedagogy through symposia and educational outreach programs.

cholars of Popular Music Pedagogy

The following is a partial list of scholars and educators who are active in the field of popular music pedagogy:
* [http://www.tc.columbia.edu/faculty/index.htm?facid=rea10 Randall Allsup]
* [http://www.music.psu.edu/prospective/faculty/musedfac.html#clements Ann Clements]
* [http://www.sharongdavis.com/ Sharon Davis]
* [http://www.cpcs.umb.edu/faculty/garofalo.htm Reebee Garofalo]
* [http://cust.educ.ubc.ca/faculty/gouzouasis.html Peter Gouzouasis]
* [http://ioewebserver.ioe.ac.uk/ioe/cms/get.asp?cid=4591&4591_0=4974 Lucy Green]
* [http://sociomusicology.blogspot.com David Hebert]
* [http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/authors.php?author=2195 Lee Higgins]
* [http://www.musicgrooves.org/bios.php Charles Keil]
* [http://www.andykrikun.com/ Andrew Krikun]
* [http://www3.griffith.edu.au/01/griffithprofiles/content_profile.php?id=73393339393739 Don Lebler]
* [http://lipscomb.umn.edu/index_splash.htm Scott Lipscomb]
* [http://www.rsamd.ac.uk/research/staff_david.htm David Price]
* [http://rodriguez.arts.usf.edu/ Carlos Xavier Rodriguez]
* [http://webusers.siba.fi/~lvakeva//enghome.html Lauri Vakeva]
*Kathy Wemyss
* [http://dept.siba.fi/muka/fin/index.php?pid=983 Heidi Westerlund]

Degree Programs in Popular Music Pedagogy

Numerous institutions worldwide now offer popular music pedagogy as a component of their degree programs. The following is a partial list of institutions that offer advanced degree programs in popular music pedagogy and related fields:

*Berklee College of Music
*Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
*Sibelius Academy


The following are some notable publications in this field:

* [http://www.kexp.org/learn/spapm.asp Around the Sound: Popular Music in Performance, Education, and Scholarship] - symposium proceedings (2001, Seattle: University of Washington Publications, for the Experience Music Project),
*Cooper, B. Lee & Condon, Rebecca A. "The Popular Music Teaching Handbook: An Educator’s Guide to Music-Related Print Resources" (Libraries Unlimited, 2004).
*Davis, Sharon G. [http://www.ijea.org/v6n16/ "That Thing you Do!: Compositional Processes of a Rock Band"] . "International Journal of Education and the Arts" 6 no. 16 (2005).
*Hebert, David G. & Campbell, Patricia Shehan " [http://ijm.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/os-36/1/14 Rock Music in American Schools: Positions and Practices Since the 1960s] ." "International Journal of Music Education" 36 no. 1, pp.14-22 (2000).
*Lebler, Don "Popular Music Pedagogy: Peer Learning in Practice." "Music Education Research" 10 no. 2, pp.93-213 (2008).
*Rodriguez, Carlos Xavier (Ed.). "Bridging the G

*Westerlund, Heidi "Garage Rock Bands: A Future Model for Developing Musical Expertise?" "International Journal of Music Education" 24 no. 2, pp.119-125 (2006).

External Links

* [http://www.isme.org International Society for Music Education]
* [http://www.maydaygroup.org MayDay Group]
* [http://www.iaspm.net/ International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)]
* [http://www.empsfm.org/ Experience Music Project]
* [http://www.rockhall.com/ Rock Hall of Fame]
* [http://media.arts.usf.edu/fung/links/ Dr Fung's International Music Education Links]
* [http://www-usr.rider.edu/~vrme/ Visions of Research in Music Education]
* [http://education-portal.com/articles/10_Sources_for_Free_Online_Music_Courses.html Free Online Music Courses]
* [http://www.berkleemusic.com/school/courses/music_education Berklee Online Music Programs]
* [http://borntogroove.org/ Born to Groove (Charles Keil & Patricia Shehan Campbell)]

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*Music education
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*Cultural studies

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