Suzanne Collier

Infobox soap character
name = Suzanne Collier
series = Santa Barbara
portrayer = Terri Garber
first = Episode 1773
August 9 1991
last = Episode 2009
July 16 1992
cause =
creator = Bridget and Jerome Dobson

caption1 = Terri Garber as Suzanne Collier (1992)

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nickname =
alias =
gender = Female
born =
death =
age =
occupation = Painter
title =
residence =
parents =
siblings =
spouse =
romances = Cruz Castillo (1991-1992)
children =
grandchildren =
grandparents =
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relatives =
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Suzanne Collier was a fictional character on the American soap opera "Santa Barbara". She was portrayed by American actress Terri Garber from August 9 1991 to July 16 1992.

Character history

Soon after Eden Capwell's fall off a cliff, Cruz meets a woman named Suzanne Collier, and doesn't realize that it's actually Eden Capwell in a disguise. Soon after Suzanne disappeared from his life, Cruz went on a search after her and was shocked to find the real Suzanne Collier living in North Carolina, unaware that her friend Eden took her identity for a while to mess with her mother, Sophia. [ [ Suzanne in SaBa] ] The real Suzanne, charmed by Cruz, decided to follow him to Santa Barbara, where they quickly became friends while Cruz was searching for the truth about Eden's fall.

Suzanne and Cruz ended up in bed together, with Suzanne full of dreams about what was going to follow. However, Suzanne quickly realized that she could never compete with Cruz's one and only true love, Eden. After they decided to part ways, Suzanne lived with Katrina Rukyer and she found many friends that helped her move on with her life. She decided to stay in Santa Barbara, burying herself in her job. Julia Wainwright and Mason Capwell, who had just moved into a mansion, asked Suzanne to restore a portrait of the DeAngelis family, without realizing the danger that they put Suzanne in.

After restoring the mysterious painting, Suzanne is attacked by a mysterious person who pushes her off a cliff. While recovering at the hospital, Suzanne realizes that the doctor named Markus Disgrazia is actually Micah DeAngelis, a person from the portrait she restored. With her health not good, Suzanne wrote a note to Katrina to aware her of the dangerous Micah, but once she woke up, Suzanne realizes that the real culprit behind the mystery wasn't Micah, but Abigail Beckwithe. Realizing that there isn't much for her to do anymore, Suzanne left town.


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