Post Mortem (video game)

Infobox VG
title = Post Mortem

developer = Microïds
publisher = Microïds (France)
The Adventure Company (North America)
DreamCatcher Interactive
1C (Russia)
designer =
engine = Virtools
released = flagicon|USA Start date|2003|2|28
flagicon|Europe March 28, 2003
flagicon|Russia October 16, 2003
genre = Adventure|Mystic|Horror
modes = Single player
ratings = ELSPA: 11+
ESRB: M (Mature)
USK: 16+
platforms = Microsoft Windows
media = 2 CD-ROMs
requirements = Intel Pentium II CPU, 64 MB RAM, 16 MB video card RAM, 16X CD-ROM drive, DirectX 8.1, 470 MB available hard disk space, Windows 98
input = Keyboard, mouse

"Post Mortem" is a murder mystery adventure game by Microïds, released in 2003. Its sequels are "Still Life" and "Still Life 2".


The storyline revolves around a retired American private detective by the name of MacPherson, who is hired by the dark, mysterious Sophia Blake to track down the person who brutally murdered her sister and brother-in-law in the Orphee Hotel in Paris. The subsequent investigation will lead MacPherson into the heart of the darker side of the city, one of danger, uncertainty and suspicion. The main character suddenly finds himself in a situation where it is unknown whether it is safe to trust anyone, in addition to being faced with a confusing, baffling murder characterized by the unsure personalities of the victims.


"Post Mortem" uses a first person player view and a point and click user interface, using only the mouse for control. This slightly differs in its sequel, "Still Life", however as it is a third person game.

Different cursors appear over portions of the screen to show the player what will happen when it is clicked on, these are:
* A set of cogs - To perform actions.
* A pair of shoes - To move to the desired location.
* A megaphone - To start a dialogue with an NPC.
* A magnifying glass - To zoom in on an object.
* A hand - To take an item.

Gus' Notebook is used to collate both the menu system of the game and the place to view documents obtained within the game.


* Gustav McPherson is a Private Detective, who grew up in New York City currently working as an Artist in Paris.
* Sophia Blake - Sister of the murdered woman, enlists Gus to investigate the murders
* Ruby and Regis Whyte - Married American couple on vacation in Paris, found murdered at the Hotel Orphee
* Isidore Petit - Receptionist and Manager of the Hotel Orpee
* Mrs. Loiseau - Psychic staying at the Hotel Orphee
* Theo Malet - Bellboy at the Hotel Orphee
* Nicolas - Waiter at Nantis Cafe:
* Albert Hulot - Owner of the Alambic Bistro
* Berenice (Bebe) - Working Girl in Paris around the Alambic Bistro
* Jacques Helloin - Detective, previously worked for Police
* Beauvais - A Policeman in Paris
* Inspector LeBrun - Police Inspector investigating the Whytes murders
* Gregoire de Allepin - A Banker in Paris
* Dr. Frank Kaufner - Psychiatrist, works with the Police

Development history

Microïds developed and completed "Post Mortem" in 10 months using Virtools Dev. An in-house team of 27 people created the game. This included 8 graphic artists, 5 animators and 6 programmers. [cite web |url= |title=Virtools Applications used in making "Post Mortem" |publisher=Virtools |accessdate=2008-09-19] On September 19, 2008 a new "Still Life" series website was opened, covering the three games.


The reception of "Post Mortem" was generally good, with a range of review scores ranging from 43, from Game Revolution to a high 87 from PC Game World.

Gustav McPherson biography

Gustav McPherson is a Private Detective, who grew up in New York City. In the mid-1920s Gustav moved to Paris and took up the profession of an Artist. In 1925 a mysterious woman, Sophia Blake, hired Gustav to investigate the murders at the Orphee Hotel, of her 'sister' and brother-in-law. This mystery unfolded into a paranormal encounter with an item called the 'Head of Baphomet', which would give eternal life to its beholder.

In 1929 Gustav was enlisted by his then girlfriend Ida to investigate the murders of multiple prostitutes in Prague. While uncovering that the murderer was also an artist (Mark Ackerman), Ida herself was murdered causing Gustav to be distraught. Gustav, Vladanna Tominoka and Milena fled the murderer by working their way back to America. Gustav and Milena settled in Chicago, where they married and had a son, Patrick McPherson. In 1932 Gustav also stole some FBI files related to the murders, which he later passed on in 1956 to a police officer in Los Angeles, Michael Harrison. Harrison was investigating murders which were almost identical to the ones in Prague.

Patrick later had a daughter, Victoria McPherson, who became the lead character of the game "Still Life". Victoria later investigated more copycat murders, but this time in Chicago and Maine, where there were also links to Mark Ackerman's work in Chicago.


External links

* [ "Still Life" series website]
* [ "Post Mortem"] , at [ Microïds]

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