Chenggong County

Chenggong County
Chenggong County
—  District  —
Chinese transcription(s)
 - Characters 呈贡县
 - Pinyin Chénggòng Xiàn
Location of Chenggong County (pink) and Kunming prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Country China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture Kunming
Established 1956
 - Total 541 km2 (208.9 sq mi)
Population (2003)
 - Total 160,000
 - Density 295.7/km2 (766/sq mi)
Postal code 650500
Area code(s) 0871

Chenggong County (Chinese: ; pinyin: Chénggòng Xiàn) is a county under the jurisdiction of Kunming Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China.

Chenggong is the chief zone for the expansion of the city of Kunming, 20 minute drive away – it is the site of the new Kunming Wujiaba International Airport, and new campuses for Yunnan University and Yunnan Normal University.

As of 2010, much new construction in Chenggong is still unoccupied,[1] in a similar situation to Ordos City and the New South China Mall.

Its administrative divisions are: Longcheng, Luoyang, Dounan and Wujiaying Sub-district Offices, Majinpu Village, Qidian Village and Dayu village.


Industrial park

Chenggong Industrial Park is among the 30 key industrial parks in Yunnan province, with total planned area of 66.46 sq km.[2]

Flower Market

Chenggong has the largest flower market in Yunnan.[citation needed]


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