Euroea in Epiro (titular see)

Euroea in Epiro is a Catholic titular see. The original diocese was in Epirus Vetus in Greece, a suffragan of Nicopolis.

Euroea is mentioned by Hierocles. ["Synecdemus", 651, 6.] Justinian transferred its inhabitants to an islet in a neighbouring lake and built there a strong city. [Procopius, De aedif., IV, 1.]

The site of the city is unknown; Lequien identifies it with Paramythia, which is called Aï Donal (St. Donatus) by the Turks, in the vilayet of Janina. Others have place it at Limboni, now proved to be Photice, others at Janina itself.


We know five bishops of Euroea; the first, St. Donatus, lived under Theodosius I, the last is mentioned in a letter of Gregory the Great about 603. [Lequien, "Oriens christianus", II, 143.]




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