Dansara is a former Catholic titular see, now suppressed.[1] The original diocese was in Osrhoene; the site of the city has not been identified. Its name is often written Dausara; such forms as Lansara, etc. are incorrect.

Stephanus Byzantius mentions Dansara as a town near Edessa (Orfa). Procopius says it was one of the castles around Theodosiopolis, which were fortified by Justinian.[2]


Dansara, probably at the same time, became an episcopal see suffragan to Edessa, for it figures in the Notitia episcopatuum of the Patriarch of Antioch, Anastasius [3], and its bishop Nonnus was present at the Fifth Oecumenical Council, held at Constantinople in 553[4].

No other bishop is known. It is not certain that it was still in existence in the 10th century[5].


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