Wisely (Chinese: 衛斯理 (Wai Si Li)), sometimes transliterated "Wesley", is a fictional character created by author Ni Kuang. The character is portrayed differently in every version - movies, TV series, novels or comic books.

Comic book series
1."The Adventures of Wisely" (8 volumes) is published by Asiapac Singapore. In this series Wisely works as a slightly nerdy writer by day, and an adventurer by night, accompanied by his wife Pai Su (or sometimes Bai Su or Pak Sue).
2."The Legend of Wesley Z" takes place in an alternative fantasy future, where Wesley is a retired warlord who is in a personal war with his son.

1."The Legend of Wisely". Wisely is played by Sam Hui , where he is a science-fiction novelist.
2."The Seventh Curse", starring Chow Yun-Fat. In this movie Wisely is an occultist.
3."The Cat", Wisely Waise Lee is also a novelist.
4."Bury Me High", Wisely is played by Chin Kar Lok. Wisely is a computer genius. This is the only Wisely movie which does not have Pai Su in it.
5."The Wesley's Mysterious File". Wisely (Andy Lau) is an FBI agent living in Los Angeles.

TV series

1."The New Adventures of Wisely" (starred Michael Tao), he is a Singaporean who co-owns an export/import company.

2."Wisely, The King of Adventure", takes place in a fantasy martial art world. Wisely is played by Jimmy Lin.

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