Sports and recreation in Bermuda

Sports and recreation in Bermuda

Sports are exceptionally popular in Bermuda, as there is a great need for recreation in such an isolated location.

In Bermuda, Cricket is the national sport. [] Cricket in particular now has a two-day (not including the weekend) holiday dedicated to it, called Cup Match. The whole of Bermuda grind to a complete halt for two days every summer to turn its attention to a cricket game. The festive game began officially in July 1902 between the Somerset Cricket Club in the west end and the St. George's Cricket Club in the east end. Venues of the game change yearly between both clubs. The popularity of the annual game was such that it caused continued absences from employment. As a direct result, the 2-day public holiday was first introduced in 1947 and has been in effect ever since. [] The two days (currently called Emancipation Day and Somers Day) feature a single Cricket match between teams from both ends of the island, a match has essentially been played for over a century. The Island's national Cricket team has also proven itself on the world stage. Cricket and football are the most popular sports.

Bermuda also has the most golf courses per square mile in the world. The golf courses on the island are quite distinct. The courses are generally short, and the turf hard and sandy. The wind also helps to set apart golfing in Bermuda from most other places. Gusts from the powerful island winds can, sometimes, affect the accuracy of a golf swing. Bermuda has hilly terrain which is apparent at some of the island's golf courses. Each year, Bermuda has a number of golf tournaments and events held by the Bermuda Golf Association. One of the most popular annual tournaments is the Bermuda Open. Bermudian Quinn Talbot was several times the World One-Armed Golf Champion.

Other popular sports include various equestrian forms including pony-cart racing and dressage, rugby, squash and tennis. Motorsports are gaining in popularity. Australian rules football is also gaining popularity and the island will host the Australian Rules Football Championships in April 2007, an international tournament featuring sides from Canada, the United States, Europe and the Bermuda Lions national team. [ [ Bermuda Australian Rules Football Association] ] [ [ Bermuda welcomes footy with International Tournament on the Island] from World Footy News]

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy racing - in which a number of small punts outfitted with huge sails and a crew of six race each other and frequently sink - has been declining in popularity over the years.

Lacrosse is quickly growing in popularity on the island. In 2006 Bermuda was represented at the ILF world championships of lacrosse in Ontario, Canada. Bermuda is an affiliate nation of the International Lacrosse Federation.

Bermuda is often represented in the Olympic Games, though it has only won a single medal (in boxing). It also frequently attends other large sports tournaments, though its small size proves to be an obstacle in building up strong sports figures.


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