The Threats

The Threats are a punk band from Dalkeith and Edinburgh, in Scotland. Originally formed in 1979 as the Reflectors, the band soon renamed themselves The Threats.


Threats started of life in 1977 as the Reflectors. Just 4 local lads from Dalkeith in Midlothian Scotland who had a collective interest in Music.. Jim and Gogsy were next door neighbours from when they were born and grew up together. Early memories were a great interest in all things guitar based. The bands that they grew up with were the glam bands of the 1970's. It was all based on rock n' roll with bags o' fun thrown in for good measure

By the early 1980s, many punk rock acts had begun to explore political issues. The Threats followed this trend, writing songs that addressed contemporary social issues. Their song "Iron Maiden" was directed at Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. "Afghanistan," which featured on the B-side of the "Go to Hell" single, was a response to the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

The name of the band is actually "Threats" although often referred to with the "The " preceding the name.

The Casualties covered the Threats track "Underground Army" on one of their early releases.


The early vinyl record releases were:-
*Backlash (Playlist Records). 1 Track on a multi sampler EP
*Go to Hell (Rondelet Records). 3 track 7" Single c/w Afghanistan and Wasted
*Politicians and Ministers (Rondelet Records). 3 Track 7" single c/w Writing on the wall and Dead End Depression.
*Politicians and Ministers (Rondelet Records). 6 Track 12" single c/w Writing on the wall, Dead End Depression, Can't Stop Me, Underground Army, 1980's.
*Back in Hell 3 track vinyl on Intimidation records
*Back in Hell 6 Track CD on Punknite Records
*12 Punk Moves Dr. Strange Records 2003
*Live at CBGB's Dr Strange Records 2003
*Demos and Rarities Dr Strange Records 2003
*God is not with Us Today Dr Strange Records 2007


* [ The Threats web site]

Demos and Rarities CD Dr Strange 2003

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