Albanian Traditional Clothing

Albania, like the other Balkan countries has its own branch of clothing. The dresses are amazing with their colorful styles and ethnic modes. They are more than 200 different kind of clothings in all Albania. This is due to the division the albanian principates in Ancient Times and Middle Ages. Almost every region in Albania has its own way of traditional dressing. The best weeding dresses are found in Middle Albania (Tirana, Elbasan, Kavajë, Durrës , Librazhd).

South Albania

South Albania has many branches that come from many cities on the South.


In the region of Labëria, the traditional costume for men is like the picture on the right.They use Qeleshe which is a type of hat worn on the head. Then they wear a short black jacket, followed bya white shirt with wide sleeves. They also have a kind of a belt which is red and black like the Albanian Flag.They have black pants with long white socks. For shoes, they wear Opinga which are used only in Albania, Romania and Greece.The costumes are very colorful.

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