Four Eyes!

Four Eyes! is a children's Cartoon series, currently showing on the Nicktoons network.

Plot Summary

The series centers around an alien girl called Emma, who is sent to earth by her parents to repeat the fifth grade. The show was created by Darryl Kluskowski. "Four Eyes!" is a co-production between Porchlight Entertainment, Inc. Los Angeles, CA and Pictor Media, SA, France.


Emma (Jules de Jongh): An 11 year old girl from the planet Albacore 7. She was sent to the Payne Academy boarding school by her parents, after flunking the fifth grade back home. Usually squid-like in appearance, Emma uses a device shaped like a pair of glasses to alter her appearance into a human form. She has a plethora of alien abilities, including multiple psychic powers, the ability to fire a matter-disintegration beam from her fingers, being able to hold her breath for a long time, and many others. She has a severe allergy to dairy products.

Skyler and Pete (Eric Myers and Liz Waterworth): Emma's best friends. They are the only ones who know her secret. While they are both quintessential "nerds", Pete has a tendency to be very panicky and over-dramatic, while Skyler tends to be calmer and more collected.

Alexis and Roland Billingsford (Liz Waterworth and Regina Candler): The school snobs. They act superior to everyone else. While both of them dislike Emma, Alexis especially hates her, going out of her way to cause her trouble. Roland is later revealed to not be as bad as he seems, and was actually pushed into the bullying life by his sister.

Rutger (Eric Myers): Star of the Withering Vine school's soccer team. Emma has a crush on him.


Miss Dowager (Joanna Ruiz): The kid's strict teacher. She lavishes praise on the Billingsford twins, whilst looking for any excuse to send Emma and her friends to detention. It is later revealed that the reason she hates Emma so much is because her last boyfriend left her for a woman with the same name [ Miss Dowager's Secret ] .

Coach Stebbins (Tom Clarke Hill): The kids physical education teacher. A former officer in the army, he sees no difference between the students and his former platoon, treating them like grunts and calling them "privates".

Headmaster Payne (Tom Clarke Hill): The owner of Payne Academy. An easy-going, good-natured man, he prefers not to punish his students unless necessary, and often tries to "connect" with his young charges. In Plasma Psychic Analysis he, thanks to Emma, gets the characteristics of a cat.

Emma's Parents (Regina Candler and Tom Clarke Hill): Although living on Albacore 7, they often talk with Emma through a communications device disguised as a lava lamp.

Episode List

eason One

# Cheaters Never Win / Plasma Physic Analysis
# No Payne, No Gain/The Big Race
# Miss Pop Hilarity / Emma's Twin
# Who Needs You? / In Love
# Double Trouble / Pete and Re-Pete
# Miss Dowager's Revenge / Skyler's Trick
# Roland, The Super Bully / Science Fair
# Who's Who? / So Dreamy
# Emma's Nightmare / Pete's Romance
# The New Monster / Roland's Secret
# Frog Day Afternoon / The Last Judgment
# Who Am I? / High In The Sky
# Alien Island / Birthday
# Gone To The Dogs / The Pool
# Falling Star / The Detention
# Bad Hair Day / The Test
# Goal Oriented / Miss Dowager's Secret
# Till Dept' Do Us Part / The Animal
# My Hero / Camping


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