Great Cow BASIC

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title = Great Cow Basic
developer = Hugh Considine
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released = 2006
operating_system = Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux
license = GNU General Public License
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Great Cow BASIC or GCBASIC is an open-source BASIC compiler for most 8-bit Microchip PIC microcontrollers. It is written using FreeBASIC, and so can be run on Windows and Linux.


The lead developer of GCBASIC is Hugh Considine. Several other developers have joined the project, contributing additional libraries and IDEs.

Example Program

A Hello World program, written to display the message on an LCD:'Select the chip model
#chip 16F877A, 20

'Settings for LCD
#define LCD_IO 4
#define LCD_RS PORTD.0
#define LCD_RW PORTD.1
#define LCD_EN PORTD.2
#define LCD_DB4 PORTD.3
#define LCD_DB5 PORTD.4
#define LCD_DB6 PORTD.5
#define LCD_DB7 PORTD.6

'Show the messagePrint "Hello, World!"

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