Tuareg (disambiguation)

Tuareg (disambiguation)

The Tuareg are a nomadic people who travel the Sahara. Of Berber descent they are also known as the Blue Men of the Sahara in reference to the blue robes they wear.

Tuareg may also be:
* Tuareg languages, a family of languages spoken by the Tuareg
* Tuareg Geeks, a Mexican experimental noise band
* Volkswagen Touareg, the first sport-utility vehicle manufactured by Volkswagen, see Volkswagen Race Touareg
* Touareg Tea, a kind of flavoured tea prepared in northern Africa and in Arabian countries.
* Tuareg, an Emacs mode for programming in Caml; presumably the name was chosen as a pun on "camel" [http://www-rocq.inria.fr/~acohen/tuareg/]
* Giugiaro Touareg, a concept car by Giorgetto Giugiaro
* Aprilia Touareg, a motorcycle

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