Colombian Australian

Colombian Australians
Total population
0.10% of Australia's population
Regions with significant populations
 New South Wales

Australian English, Spanish, Colombian Spanish


Predominately Roman Catholic. Other branches of Christianity (Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist, etc.), some Judaism, Atheism and Agnostic.

Related ethnic groups

Spaniards, Mestizo, Afro-Colombian, Mulatto, Colombian people

Colombian Australians are citizens of Australia who trace their nationality or heritage from the South American nation of Colombia.


Causes of migration

Economic problems and violence have led to an emigration of Colombians to Australia in the 1980s. Colombians are among one of the largest South American migrant groups to Australia. Like other South American immigrants and unlike Central American and Caribbean Latino immigrants, Colombians tend to come from urban areas.

Ethnic composition of Colombians in Australia

Ethnically, Colombians are a diverse population including Colombians of Indigenous descent, Afro-Colombians, Colombians of European descent (mainly Spanish ancestry). However, most Colombians are mix of the three ethnicities. In addition, a significant percentage of Colombians of Middle Eastern descent, notably Syrian and Lebanese, also compose Colombian society.

Cultural traditions

The main musical interests are vallenato, salsa and cumbia. The vast majority of Colombians are Roman Catholic; younger Colombians are significantly more secular than the older generation.[citation needed] Colombian food is highly varied. Popular dishes are bandeja paisa, sancocho (stew), empanadas (meat-filled turnovers), pandebono (a type of cheese-bread), and arepa (corncake). The main pastime of Colombians in Australia is soccer, Colombian Australians raised in Australia will continue to follow soccer. Like most immigrants raised in Australia some children will seek Australian sports. Another popular pastime, especially among the older generation, is parqués.

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