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name = Glype

caption = A screenshot of a Glype proxy website
released = 27 May 2007
latest release version =
latest release date = 04 Mar 2008
frequently updated = Yes
programming language = PHP
size = 84KB
license = Free
website =

"Glype" is a free internet proxy script written in PHP. It allows any website owner to set up their own proxy site for free. This script is one of many that all allow both anonymous browsing and the bypassing of internet content filters or other restrictions in public places. [cite web|url=|title=glype proxy script||accessdate=2008-06-05|last=|first=]

ee also

* Internet privacy
* Proxy server
* Proxy list


External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Glype Proxies]
* [ Example Glype Proxy site ]

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