3 Awami National Party

Awami National Party

The Awami National Party, is a secular Pakistani political party. It's main area of electoral influence is in the Pashtun dominated areas of the North-West Frontier Province.

party_name = Awami National Party
_ur. عوامی نيشنل پارٹی
_ps. ملي عوامي ګوند
leader = Member of National Assembly Asfandyar Wali Khan
colorcode = red
foundation = 1986
ideology = Centre-Left , Socialism on a pan-Islamic basis , Pashtun Nationalism
headquarters = Central Secretariat
Parliament Lodges
Islamabad, Pakistan
international = None | website = [http://www.awaminationalparty.org/ www.awaminationalparty.org/]

The Awami National Party formation

In 1986, the National Democratic Party merged with several other progressive political and nationalist groups to form the Awami National Party. Abdul Wali Khan was elected as its president and Sindhi nationalist Rasul Bakh Palijo was elected its secretary general. Abdul Wali Khan is the son of Pashtun non-violence advocate, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who was a friend of Mahatma Gandhi. [ [http://www.photius.com/countries/pakistan/government/pakistan_government_awami_national_party.html ANP background] ]

The strongholds of ANP are in the Pashtun areas of Pakistan, particularly the North-West Frontier Province.

Party presidents

*1986-1990 Abdul Wali Khan
*1991-1999 Ajmal Khattak
*1999-2002 Asfandyar Wali
*2002-2003 Ehsan Wyne
*2003- 2007 Asfandyar Wali
*2007- Asfandyar Wali

Other leaders

*Ghulam Ahmad Bilour
*Khawaja Mohammad Hoti
*Afrasiab Khattak, President ANP NWFP
*Bashir Ahmed Bilour
*Ameer Haider Khan Hoti
*Latif Afridi
*Arbab Zahir Khan
*Abdul Matin Khan
*Bushra Gohar
* Haji Muhammad Adeel

Secular Nationalist

The party is espouses a liberal pro Pashtun philosophy advocating regional autonomy and cultural expression. A frequent coalition partner in provincial politics it was routed in the 2002 elections because of its opposition to the Taliban and support for the US invasion of Afghanistan.

It was targeted in 2007 and 2008 by presumed supporters of the Taliban. [ [http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/29/AR2008022903675.html Secularists Face Tests In Northwest Pakistan] ] Despite the attacks, the party has advocated dialogue with moderate tribal elements to end present violence in the North West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It has rejected foreign interference in the region whether US or Al-Qaeda. [ [http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0505/p06s01-wosc.htm Pakistan's 'Gandhi' party takes on Taliban, Al Qaeda] Christian Science Monitor May 05, 2008. Retrieved -05-09-08]

2008 Elections

In the 2008 elections, the Awami National Party beat Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, a party formed by coalition of Islamic movements in 2002. It also won provincial seats in Balochistan and in Sind for the first time. It formed a coalition government with the Pakistan People's Party in all three provinces. In the North-West Frontier Province it has its first Chief minister since 1948.

Electoral history

[Herald Election Guide/October 2002 p38 ]


See also

* Kalabagh Dam
* Dr. Khan Sahib
* Bahram Khan Family

External links

* [http://www.awaminationalparty.org/ Awami National Party Official Site]
* [http://www.anpoverseas.tk/ ANP Overseas]
* [http://www.bachakhan.com Ghaffar Khan Site]

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