Malabar (disambiguation)

Malabar may refer to:


*Malabar, a region of southern India
*Malabar Hill, a neighbourhood of Mumbai, India
*Malabar, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney, Australia
*Malabar, Indonesia, a town on the island of Java, Indonesia
*Mount Malabar, volcano in Indonesia
*Malabar Island (also called Middle Island), part of the Aldabra atoll in the Seychelles
*Masjid Malabar, a mosque in Singapore
*Malabar, Trinidad and Tobago
*Malabar, Florida, United States
*Malabar Farm State Park in Mansfield, Ohio, United States, the former home of Louis Bromfield
*754 Malabar, an asteroid discovered by August Kopff


* "Malabar spinach" ("Basella alba")
* Malabathrum or "Malabar leaf", a name for "Cinnamomum tamala"
* Malabar pepper, a variety of Black pepper ("Piper nigrum")
* Malabar nut ("Justicia adhatoda" syn. "Adhatoda vasica")
* Malabar chestnut ("Pachira aquatica")

Other uses

*Malabar rites, in Catholicism, named after the region of India
*Malabars, a mistaken appellation for people of South Indian origin used by 19th century westerners
*HMS "Malabar"
*USS "Malabar"
* (in French), a bubble gum produced in France by Cadbury Schweppes

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