Rick and Suds

Rick Riley and Selborne "Suds" Coleman. Radio deejays popular in the South Florida area in the eighties and nineties. Rick and Suds appeared on radio stations WAXY 106, 610 WIOD and 940 WINZ and are remembered for many popular bits including the Pay phone Challenge and the Wheel of Meat, as well as the hilarious Call Around the World.

In the early 1980s, Rick and Suds were a team on KZOK in Seattle (Rick was then known as Rick Shannon) and each appeared separately on sister-station, KJET, where Rick was the Unknown Announcer and Suds appeared first as himself, then as "Sado, Newsman from Hell." The "Sado" name came from a piece of mail addressed to "Sado Coleman."

Selborne "Suds" Coleman was born August 23, 1944 in Elkland, PA. Suds First Radio Job: 1970 in Disney, MT - KGCX. He worked at 790 KJRB in Spokane, Washington in the early 80's. He first appeared on Miami radio on April 23, 1990. He can currently be heard during the summer break on Fridays with Jorge Rodriguez on 560 WQAM during the Neil Rogers Show, while Jorge fills in for the vacationing Neil Rogers, 10am - 2pm. They dub their segments together as the "Spic and Suds Show" as a play on the name of the show when Suds was with Rick.

Rick Riley born 5/6/51. Ricks First Radio Job: 1973 - WKXY, Sarasota, Florida. He first came on the Miami radio scene with Suds on 4/23/90. Mr. Riley was briefly incarcerated in 1993 for attempted assault on a group Jehovah Witnesses.

Rick and Suds used to do a great bit nearly every day called "News From Around the Planet". It began with an exaggerated announcement in Rick's voice, and then continued as a news program reporting ridiculous events from around the world.

Rick & Suds are believed to be the ones that coined the phrase: Butt loads, and the response: back at ya!

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