Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign is a breast cancer research charity based in the United Kingdom that funds research to help understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment and cure. According to its website, the campaign attempts to focus funding on innovative projects only, using the best people throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, no matter what area of research it is.

The charity currently funds 110 research projects across the UK, worth £14.3million. Research projects range from studying the genetics of breast cancer to improving diagnosis and treatment.

Campaign’s Gap Analysis

Breast Cancer Campaign asked 56 of the UK’s most prominent breast cancer experts for their views on current breast cancer research. It was one of the largest studies to have been carried out in the UK and highlighted key gaps in current breast cancer research and helped to identify the future challenges that need to be achieved in order to gain the maximum benefit for patients. [ The study (PDF)] was published by open access journal Breast Cancer Research. []

The History of Breast Cancer

In 2006, Campaign published “The History of Breast Cancer”, a report that highlighted the key achievements made in breast cancer research over the last 2,000 years. The report aimed to outline how the money spent on research has not only advanced our knowledge of breast cancer but also directly benefited patients. []

Fundraising activities

Breast Cancer Campaign’s next wear it pink day will take place on Friday 31 October 2008. Supporters are asked to wear any item of pink and donate £2 to the charity. This can be anything from pink socks to dying your hair pink. So far the charity has raised £3.1million for breast cancer research from wear it pink day in 2007. []

Friendship Walks is a national events programme organised by the charity. The walks take place all over the UK and are a great way to raise money while staying fit and healthy. Supporters can either take part in an established walk or organise one themselves. []

Breast Cancer Campaign has a wide range of sporting and non-sporting fundraising events that supporters can participate. These range from running in the Flora London Marathon to becoming a regional volunteer. All the money raised from Breast Cancer Campaign’s events will help to fund vital breast cancer research. []

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