Railway stations in Gabon

Railway stations in Gabon

Railway stations in Gabon include:


* [http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/gabon.pdf UN Map - shows line to Franceville]
* [http://www.unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/publ/opendoc.pdf?tbl=PUBL&id=441688290 UNHCR map - does not show line to Franceville]
* [http://www.travelportal.info/go_frames.php?unid=10174&linkid=9179&newlanguage=english TravelPortal map - shows major rivers]
* [http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/fullMaps_Af.nsf/luFullMap/BC0EF176D6BCADE385256C0800474100/$File/wfp_safr_rails0702.pdf?OpenElement UNJLC Rail map of Southern Africa - does not show line to Franceville]

Cities served by rail

( All railways are standard gauge)


* Sahoué - port?
* Libreville - capital
* Owendo - port - 0km
* Ntoum - 35km
* Andem - 57km
* M'Bel - 85km
* Oyam - 118km
* Abanga - 148km
* Ndjolé - 182km
* Alembe - 202km
* Otoumbi - 226km
* Bissouna - 244km
* Ayem - 267km
* Lopé - 290km
* Offoue - 312km
* Booué - 338km - likely junction for branchline to Makokou
* Ivindo - 375km
* Mouyabi - 411km
* Milole - 448km
* Lastoursville - 484km
* Moanda
* Ntoum - proposed junction for iron ore traffic to Santa Clara
* Kango
* Four-Place
* Mounana - ?
* Doume - 514km
* Lifouta - 549km
* Mboungou-Mbadouma - 584km
* Moanda - 619km
* Franceville - 669km - railhead


* Makokou - iron ore
* Cape Santa Clara - proposed deep water port for Makokou iron ore.
* Bélinga - possible iron ore mine.

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* Transport in Gabon


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