Donation (disambiguation)

Donation may refer to:

  • Donation, a gift given, typically to a cause or/and for charitable purposes
  • Donation box, a box used to collect donations
  • Car donation, the practice of giving away no-longer-wanted automobiles to charity organizations
  • Donation Pixel, an internet based charity organisation founded in 2006


  • Blood donation, when an individual voluntarily has blood drawn to be given to a recipient
  • Organ donation, the removal of the tissues of the human body for the purpose of transplanting
  • Gamete donation (disambiguation) is the donation of gametes, either ova or sperm
  • Body donation, the donation of the whole body after death for medical research and education


  • Donation Land Claim Act, of 1850 (ch. 76, 9 Stat. 496, September 27, 1850), sometimes known just as the Donation Land Act, USA
  • Donation of Pepin, in 756 provided a legal basis for the erection of the Papal States
  • Donation of Constantine, (Latin, Donatio Constantini)[1] is a forged Roman imperial edict devised probably between 750 and 775
  • Donation of Sutri, an agreement reached at Sutri by Liutprand, King of the Lombards and Pope Gregory II in 728

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