Pilgrim (disambiguation)

A pilgrim is one who undertakes a religious journey or pilgrimage.

It can also refer to groups:
*Pilgrims, the English colonists of Plymouth, Massachusetts
*Muslims who perform the Hajj
*Pilgrims Society

In fiction:
*"Pilgrim" (film), a 2000 movie starring Ray Liotta
*Pilgrim Award, an award presented for Lifetime Achievement in the field of science fiction scholarship
*"Pilgrim" (Sara Douglass novel), a 1998 novel by Sara Douglass
*"Pilgrim" (Timothy Findley novel), a 1999 novel by Timothy Findley
*"Pigrim" (diary), a book by Paulo Coelho
*"Pilgrims" (short story collection), a book by Elizabeth Gilbert
*Scott Pilgrim, a series of fantasy-romance graphic novels
*Just a Pilgrim, two limited series concerning life on Earth after a powerful sun flare destroys civilization.Places & things:
*Pilgrims' Hall, England's first hammer-beamed building, located in Winchester
*The Pilgrims' School, an independent choir school in England
*Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station, the nuclear power plant
*"Pilgrim" (brig), the ship in Richard Henry Dana, Jr.'s account "Two Years Before the Mast"

Football teams:
*Plymouth Argyle F.C.
*Boston United F.C.

In music:
*Pilgrim (1973 album) by Larry Gatlin
*Pilgrim (1989 album) by Barry McGuire
*Pilgrim (1992 album) by Joey Molland
*Pilgrim (1995 album) by Shaun Davey
*Pilgrim (1998 album) by Eric Clapton
*Pilgrim (1999 album) by Marty Stuart
*Pilgrim (2001 album) by Ruthie Henshall
*Pilgrim, a song from Uriah Heep's album "Sweet Freedom"
*Pilgrims (song), a song by the band Widespread Panic
*The Pilgrim (song), a song from the Iron Maiden album "A Matter of Life and Death"

As a surname:
*Billy Pilgrim
*Paul Pilgrim
*Peace Pilgrim
*Scott Pilgrim

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