List of people from Plymouth

People from the English city of Plymouth are known as Plymothians or less formally as Janners.[1] The definition of Janner is described as a person from Devon, deriving from Cousin Jan (the Devon form of John), but more particularly in naval circles anyone from the Plymouth area.[2] The Elizabethan navigator, Sir Francis Drake was born in nearby town of Tavistock and was the mayor of Plymouth.[3] He was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world and was known by the Spanish as El Draco meaning "The Dragon" after he raided many of their ships.[4] He died of dysentery in 1596 off the coast of Puerto Rico.[5] In 2002 a mission to recover his body and bring it to Plymouth was allowed by the Ministry of Defence.[6] Antarctic explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Frank Bickerton both lived in the city.[7][8] Many artists have orginated in Plymouth. Joshua Reynolds, the famous 18th century portrait painter and the first President of the Royal Academy was born in Plympton, and more recently artists have included Beryl Cook whose paintings depict the culture of Plymouth[9] and Robert Lenkiewicz, whose paintings looked at themes such as: vagrancy, sexual behaviour and suicide, lived in the city from the 1960s until his death in 2002.[10] In addition, George Passmore of Turner Prize winning duo Gilbert and George was born in the city.[11] Famous politicians Michael Foot and David Owen are from Plymouth and notable athletes include swimmer Sharron Davies,[12] diver Tom Daley,[13] dancer Wayne Sleep,[14] and footballer Trevor Francis.[15] Other past residents include composer Ron Goodwin,[16] comedienne Dawn French[17] and journalist Angela Rippon.[18]

Notable Plymothians

Image Name Born Died Notability Notes
1590 or later Marcus Gheeraerts, Sir Francis Drake Buckland Abbey, Devon.jpg Sir Francis Drake 1540 1596 First English person to circumnavigate the world He was born in Tavistock and was the mayor of Plymouth. He died of dysentry off the coast of Panama and was slipped overboard inside a lead casket.[19]
William Cookworthy William Cookworthy 1705 1780 Pharmacist/Industrialist Born in Kingsbridge, Devon. Pioneered porcelain manufacture in Plymouth.[20][21]
Major-General Sir George Arthur.jpg Sir George Arthur, 1st Baronet 1784 1854 Colonial governor Spent most of his time in British colonies.[22]
Jonathan Nash Hearder 1809 1876 Electrical engineer Born and died in Plymouth. Notable for the development of the induction coil.[23]
Scott of the Antarctic crop.jpg Robert Falcon Scott 1868 1912 Antarctic explorer Died in central Antarctica. His body was found eight months later.[7]
Isaac Foot 1880 1960 President of the Liberal Party He was president in 1947.[24]
Frank Bickerton 1889 1954 Antarctic explorer He moved to Plymouth at the age of six and lived there until 1920.[8]
Robert Victor Walling 1890 1976 Soldier, journalist, and poet Born and educated in Plymouth. In peacetime he worked as a journalist with Plymouth based newspaper The Western Daily Mercury. He was also a member of Gorseth Kernow.[25]
Michael Foot 1913 2010 Leader of the Labour Party Son of Isaac Foot.[26]
Duncan Scott-Ford 1921 1942 Merchant seaman Hung during World War II for treachery to the Germans.[27]
Beryl Cook 1926 2008 Comical artist Born in Epsom, Surrey.[9]
Kate Nesbitt c. 1988 (age 22–23) Alive Medical Assistant in the Royal Navy Raised in Whitleigh, the first female recipient of the Military Cross in the Royal Navy, for bravery during the War in Afghanistan in March 2009.[28]
Tom Daley (diver), October 2008.jpg Tom Daley 21 May 1994 (1994-05-21) (age 17) Alive Olympic diver BBC Sports Personality of the Year Young Personality in 2007.[29]
Louis Emanuel 1819 c1889 Composer, bandmaster, music director at Vauxhall Gardens (London) The Desert (text by J F Smith), The Diana Waltz, The syren & friar. Duett (text by William Jones, 1847)

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