List of modern armoured fighting vehicles

This article lists modern armoured fighting vehicles produced in the listed countries after the Second World War.


AFVs produced in Argentina



AFVs produced in Australia

Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles

*ASLAV (Australian LAV 25 series)

Armoured personnel carriers

*M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (modifications only)
*Bushmaster IMV


AFVs produced in Austria

*Steyr 4K 6FA Spz & Spz A1 - MICV
*SPz Ulan - co-development with Spain ("ASCOD").
*Pandur 6X6 APC-Design similar to the Mowag Piranha.
*Leopard 2 A4 bought from The Netherlands


AFVs produced in Brazil

*EE-T1 Osório
*MB-3 Tamoyo (Modified M41 Walker Bulldog)
*EE-3 Jararaca
*EE-9 Cascavel
*EE-11 Urutu
*EE-17 Sucuri


AFVs produced in Canada

* Leopard C2 main battle tank (soon to be replaced by Leopard 2 tanks)
** Badger, Leopard-based AEV
** Beaver, Leopard-based bridgelayer
** Taurus, Leopard ARV
* G-Wagen
* MILCOTS (Milverado) - for use by Reserves only
* Mowag Piranha-based wheeled armoured vehicles:
** AVGP: Cougar, Grizzly and Husky 6×6 armoured vehicles
** Bison APC 8×8
** Coyote Reconnaissance Vehicle
** LAV III 8×8
* M113A3 tracked armoured personnel carrier
** Air Defense Anti-Tank System (ADATS)
* Lynx reconnaissance vehicle (1968–1993)
* Nyala mine-protected vehicle
* Cougar (vehicle)


AFVs produced in Chile


*Leopard 2 A4 Main Battle Tank

Infantry fighting vehicles

*M113A2 APCs
*Mowag Piranha LAV


AFVs produced in China


* Type 90-II aka MBT-2000, for export (Modern)
* Type 96 Improved Type-85 Tank (Modern)
* Type 98 Prototype Tank (Modern)
* Type 99 Improved Type-98 Tank (Modern)

Infantry fighting vehicles

* Type 92 aka WZ551 wheeled IFV (Modern)
* ZBD-2000 aka WZ-506 Airborne IFV (Modern)
* Type 97 aka ZBD-97 tracked IFV (Modern)


AFVs produced in Croatia

* M-84
* M-95 Degman


AFVs produced in Finland

* Sisu Pasi (XA-180, -185, -202, -203)
* Patria AMV
* Sisu Nasu
* BTR-50
* BTR-60


* Leopard 2A4

Other AFVs

* BMP-1
* BMP-2
* CV-9030


AFVs produced in France


*ARL 44
*AMX 13
*AMX 30

Armoured cars

* AMX 10 RC
* Panhard EBR
* Panhard AML
* Panhard ERC
* Vextra

Armoured personnel carriers

* AMX-10P
* Panhard VTT
* Panhard M3
* Panhard VCR


AFVs produced in Germany


*Leopard 1
*Leopard 2
*H-400-Design similar to the Mowag Piranha.

Self-propelled artillery

* M109G
* PzH 2000

Other AFVs

* Luchs A2 (armoured reconnaissance vehicle),
* Fennek (light armoured reconnaissance vehicle), replacing some Luchs
* Wiesel 1/2 (air-transportable multirole fighting vehicle)
* Marder 1 A3/ A5 (infantry fighting vehicle)
* Puma (infantry fighting vehicle), replacing the Marder 1 A3
* Fuchs 1/2 (multirole armoured vehicle)
* Boxer MRAV (multirole armoured vehicle), replacing the Fuchs 1
* Jaguar 1 (anti-tank vehicle, TOW), being phased out
* Jaguar 2 (anti-tank vehicle, TOW), being phased out
* Gepard 1 A2 (air defence tank, gun)
* Roland (air defence tank, missiles), being phased out
* Biber (bridge layer)
* PSB 2 (bridge layer), replacing the Biber
* Dachs (engineer tank)
* Kodiak (engineer tank), for the Swiss army
* Büffel (salvage tank)
* Scorpion (minelayer vehicle)
* Keiler (mine breaker)
* TH200 (wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicle), prototype only.
* ATF Dingo (wheeled armoured vehicle)
* AGF reconnaissance and combat vehicle
* Mungo ESK (armoured transport vehicle)
* Duro 3 (light wheeled armoured vehicle)
* Eagle IV (armoured wheeled vehicle), to be delivered from 2008 on
* Grizzly (armoured wheeled vehicle)
* YAK (Duro III) (armoured wheeled vehicle)
* KJPz HS-30 - ("KanonenJagdPanzer") Tank Destroyer


AFVs produced in Greece


* ELBO Leopard 2HEL(A6)

Infantry carriers

* ELBO Leonidas-1
* ELBO Leonidas-2
* ELBO Kentaurus AIFV
* BMP-1
* BMP-3
* M113

Self-propelled artillery

*M109 howitzer
*M110 howitzer
*M270 MLRS
*PzH 2000


AFVs produced in India


*Tank Ex

Armoured fighting vehicles

*Abhay IFV
*Nag Missile Carrier (Namica)

Armoured carrier

*Sarath (BMP-2)
* Hunky
* Tuffy
* Aditya mine protected personnel carrier

Self-propelled artillery

*HT-130 Catapult
*M-46 Catapult


AFVs produced in Iran


*T-72Z (Confusingly named since it is based on the Soviet/Russian T-55).
*Zulfiqar 1/2/3 (based on the T-72, but incorporates western technologies).
*Towsan ("wild horse")

Armoured personnel carriers

*Boragh (copy of the Chinese WZ-501).
*BPR-82 (upgrade of the soviet BTR-60).
*Sayyad (copy of the US M-113).

Self-propelled artillery

*Raad 1 122mm sp artillery.
*Raad 2 155mm sp artillery.


AFVs produced in Iraq


* T-55
* Type 59
* T-72
* t-55 enigma
* Lion of Babylon tank

Armoured personnel carriers

* Dzik-3



*Isherman (upgraded M4 Sherman tank)
*Sho't (upgraded Centurion tank)
*Magach (upgraded M60 Patton tank)
*Sabra (upgraded M60 Patton tank)
*Merkava tank

Armoured personnel carriers

* IDF Nagmachon APC (based on Centurion chassis)
* IDF Nakpadon APC (based on Centurion chassis)
* IDF Achzarit APC (based on T-54/55 chassis)
* Namer IFV (based on Merkava chassis)
* Wolf Armoured Vehicle
* Golan Armored Vehicle

Self-propelled artillery

* L-33/39 Ro'em self-propelled howitzer (based on M4 Sherman chassis)
* Makmat self-propelled mortar (based on M4 Sherman chassis)
* MAR-240/290 rocket artillery launcher (based on M4 Sherman chassis)
* Sholef self-propelled howitzer (based on Merkava chassis)
* Rascal self-propelled howitzer

Combat engineering vehicles

* Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer
* IDF Puma CEV (based on Centurion chassis)
* Nemmera ARV (based on Merkava chassis)


AFVs produced in Italy

Main battle tanks

* Ariete (200)

Infantry fighting vehicles

* VCC-1/-2 „Camillino“ (1638- being replaced by Dardo)
* Dardo (500- deliveries ongoing)

Armoured personnel carriers

* Bv206S (189- version for Italian Mountain Troops)
* LVTP7/AAVP7A1 Amphibious Armored Vehicle (35- bought from the USA, locally upgraded)

Self-propelled air defence

* SIDAM 25

Wheeled armoured vehicles

* Centauro Wheeled Tank Destroyer (484)
* Freccia - Infantry Fighting Variant of the Centauro (Ordered, but on hold)
* Puma 4x4 (330- not complete as of Mid-2005)
* Puma 6x6 (250- not complete as of Mid-2005)
* VAB (France- in NBC configuration)

Self-propelled artillery

* M109 howitzer
* PzH 2000
* M270 MLRS

Observation vehicles

* Fiat 6614 G4x4


AFVs produced in Japan

Infantry fighting vehicles

*Mitsubishi Type 89 IFV

Main battle tanks

*Type 61
*Type 74
*Type 90


AFVs produced in the Netherlands

*Leopard 2A6
*Sisu XA-188
*Boxer MRAV
*CV90 35
*Tpz Fuchs 1 Eloca

North Korea

AFVs produced in North Korea



Armoured personnel carriers

* M-1973 VTT-323
* M-1992 APC
* Type 85

Self-propelled guns

* M-1978 170 mm SP
* M-1974 152 mm SP
* M-1975 130 mm SP
* M-1992 130 mm SP
* M-1977 122 mm SP
* M-1981 122 mm SP
* M-1991 122 mm SP
* M-1992 120 mm SP


AFVs produced in Norway

Main Battle Tanks

*Leopard 1A5NO Main Battle Tank (being replaced by the Leopard 2)
*Leopard 2 A4 German built MBT

Infantry Fighting Vehicles


Armoured personnel carrier

*Sisu Pasi
*Bv 206
*M-113 Modernised

Self-propelled artillery

*M109 howitzer- M109-A3GN
*M270 MLRS - Multiple Launch Rocket System


AFVs produced in Pakistan


*Al-Khalid MBT
*Al-Zarar MBT

Armoured security vehicles


Armoured personnel carriers

*Al-Qaswa Logistic Vehicle

Armoured command post


Armoured repair and recovery vehicles


Armoured fighting vehicles



AFVs produced in Poland


*PT-91 "Twardy" - modern tank based on T-72
*PT-94 "Goryl" - prototype/experimental

Tracked armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles

*BWP-2000 - prototype/experimental
*BWP "Puma" E8 - modernized BMP
*BWP "Puma" RCWS-30 - modernized BMP
*various types of vehicles based on MT-LB

Wheeled armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles

*KTO "Rosomak" - licensed copy of Patria AMV
*KTO "Ryś" - 8x8 APC based on the SKOT APC
*KTO "Irbis" - 6x6 variant of KTO "Ryś"

Armoured cars

*Honker 2000

Self-propelled artillery

*2S1 "Goździk" - (pl. Carnation) 122 mm howitzer using MT-LB chassis, licensed copy of soviet design
*"Krab" - 155 mm, modern, tracked system in NATO compatible caliber
*PZA "Loara" - artillery AA system based on a PT-91 chassis
*Hibernyt - Guntruck


AFVs produced in Portugal

Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles

*Pandur 8X8 APC- Manufactured in Barreiro, under licence.

Main battle tanks

*Leopard 2 A4 bought from Netherlands


AFVs produced in Romania


* TR-85 M1

Armoured personnel carriers

*B-55 Zimbru

Infantry fighting vehicles

*MLI-84M Jderul


AFVs produced in Russia


* Black Eagle Tank (prototype)
* T-80
* T-90
* T-95 (rumoured)

Armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles

* BMD-4
* BMP-4
* BTR-90

Self-propelled artillery

* Iskander (SS-26 Stone)
* 2S31 120mm
* 2S19 Msta


AFVs produced in Serbia


*T-55H - Serbian modernization of T-55.
*T-72 - Serbian T-72 modernization.
*M-84AB1 - Serbian modernization of M-84.

Armoured personnel carriers

*BTR-50 - Yugoimport SDPR upgrade.
*BRDM-2 M-05 "VUK" (Wolf)

Infantry fighting vehicles

*M-98 Vidra

Combat engineering vehicles

VIU-55 Munja


AFVs produced in Singapore


*Tempest (Modernised Centurion)
*AMX-13SM1 (Modernised AMX-13)
*Leopard 2A4

Armoured fighting vehicles

*AMX-10 PAC90 and other versions
*M113 Modernised with 25 mm Bushmaster or 40 mm AGL
*Bionix AFV 28-ton replacement for M113 with 25 mm, 30 mm or 40 mm AGL
*Bronco ATTC (All-Tracked Terrain Carrier)
*Bv206 ATTC with variants
*Terrex Newly developed AV-81, 8x8 AFV

Self-propelled guns

*SSPH1 155 mm Computerised Automatic-loading SP gun


AFVs produced in Slovenia

* LKOV Valuk
* LKOV Krpan

South Africa

AFVs produced in South Africa


*Olifant (upgraded Centurion)

Armoured fighting vehicles

* Eland
* Rooikat AFV

Infantry fighting vehicles

* Ratel IFV (to be replaced by Hoefyster)

Armoured personnel carriers

* Buffel
* Casspir
* RG-12
* Mamba APC
* Puma (South African, new construction similar to Mamba [] )
* RG-31 Nyala
* RG-32
* Okapi MPV

Self-propelled guns

*G6 howitzer

South Korea

AFVs produced in South Korea


* M48A5K MBT
* T-80U MBT
* K1 & K1A1 MBTs
* K2 Black Panther MBT

Armoured fighting vehicles

* AAV7A1
* BMP-3
* BTR-80
* M577
* M113
* M114
* K1 ARV
* K-200 KIFV
* K-200 KAFV
* K-532 BV206
* KM-900
* Doosan Barracuda
* K300 NIFV

Self-propelled artillery

* M109 SP Howitzer
* M107 175mm SP Howitzer
* M110 203mm SP Howitzer
* M270A1 MLRS
* K-9 Thunder 155mm SP Howitzer
* K-136 Kooryong MRLS

Self-propelled air defense

* K-30 Biho
* K263
* K-SAM Pegasus

Soviet Union

AFVs produced in the Soviet Union



Armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles

* BMP-1
* BMP-2
* BMP-3
* BMD-1
* BMD-2
* BMD-3
* BRM-1
* BRDM-1
* BRDM-2
* BRDM-3
* BTR-152
* BTR-40
* BTR-40P
* BTR-50
* BTR-60
* BTR-70
* BTR-80

Self-propelled artillery

* 2P 406mm
* 2S1 122mm
* 2S3 Akatsiya 152mm
* 2S4 240mm
* 2S5 152mm
* 2S7 203mm
* 2S9 120mm
* 2S19 152mm
* 2S23 120mm
* ASU-85 85mm

Self-propelled air defense

* ZSU-57-2
* ZSU-23-4


AFVs produced in Spain


* Leopardo 2E
* M 60
* AMX 30

Armoured fighting vehicles

* Centauro VRCC (Vehículo de Reconocimiento y Combate de Caballería)
* VEC-M1

Infantry fighting vehicles

* Pizarro IFV - codevelopment with Austria ("ASCOD")

Armoured personnel carriers

* BMR-M1


AFVs produced in Sweden


*Stridsvagn 103 S tank
*Ikv 91 Tank destroyer with 90 mm low pressure gun
*Strv 121 Leopard 2A4
*Strv 122 Leopard 2A6 (Swedish version)

Infantry fighting vehicles

* Combat Vehicle 90

Other AFVs

* Pbv 301
* Pbv 302
* Bandkanonvagn 1A
* Pvrbbv 551
* Lvrbbv 701
* Terrängbil m/42 SKP


AFVs produced in Switzerland

Main battle tanks

* Pz-87 LEO
* Pz-68
* Pz-61

Armored fighting vehicles

* Spz2000 (CV9030)
* Piranha 8x8
* M113

Self-propelled artillery

* M109 "KAWEST"

Armored reconnaissance vehicles

* Eagle
* Panzerjäger - 6x6 Mowag Piranha with a TOW missile system


AFVs produced in Ukraine

* T-55AGM [ [ Modernisation of T-54, T-55, T-59 and T-62 main battle tanks] at KMDB.]
* T-64BM2 [ [ T-64 Main Battle Tank Upgrade] at KMDB.]
* T-64U (BM Bulat) [ [ BM Bulat (Modernisation of T-64B Battle Tanks] . at KMDB.]
* T-72MP [ [ T-72MP Upgraded Main Battle Tank] at KMDB.]
* T-72AG [ [ T-72AG Upgraded Main Battle Tank] at KMDB.]
* T-72-120 [ [ T-72-120 Upgraded Main Battle Tank] at KMDB.]
* T-80UD [Zaloga 2000, pp 3–4.]
* T-84 [Zaloga 2000, pp 3–4.]
* T-84 Oplot [ [ Oplot Main Battle Tank] at KMDB.]
* T-84-120 Yatagan [ [ Yatagan Main Battle Tank] at KMDB.]
* BREM-84 [ [ Armoured Repair Recovery Vehicle BREM-84] at KMDB.]
* BTR-3 [ [ BTR-3U] at KMDB.]
* BTR-4 [ [ BTR-4] at KMDB.]
* BTR-90
* BTR-94 [ [ BTR-4] at KMDB.]
* Dozor-B [ [ Dozor-B - Armored Personnel Carrier] at KMDB.]

United Kingdom

AFVs produced in the United Kingdom

Main battle tanks

* Centurion
* FV4101 Charioteer (200)
* Conqueror Heavy Tank (200)
* Chieftain
* Challenger 1
* Challenger 2
* Vickers MBT

Other AFVs

* Sabre armoured reconnaissance vehicle (136)
* Scorpion armoured reconnaissance vehicle
* Striker Swingfire missile launcher
* Samaritan armoured ambulance
* Sultan amoured command vehicle
* Samson armoured recovery vehicle
* Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicle
* Alvis Stormer armoured vehicle family
* Saladin armoured car
* Ferret Scout Car
* FV721 Fox CVR armoured car
* FV 432 AFV armoured personnel carrier variants
* FV222 Conqueror ARV

Self-propelled air defence

* Tracked Rapier

Self-propelled artillery

* Abbot FV433 Self-propelled Artillery
* AS90 Self-propelled howitzer

Armoured personnel carriers

* Saracen
* FV 1611 Humber
* Spartan
* Saxon
* FV 432 AFV

Infantry fighting vehicles

* FV510 Warrior

United States

AFVs produced in the United States

Main battle tanks

*M47/M48/M60 Patton Main Battle Tank
*M103 heavy tank
*M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

Armoured fighting vehicles

*M24 Chaffee Light Tank
*M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank
*M132 Armored Flamethrower
*M551 Sheridan Light/Airmobile Tank
*M901 Improved TOW Vehicle
*Stingray Light Tank
*CCV-L Light Tank
*M8 Buford Armored Gun System
*Cougar (vehicle)

Self-propelled artillery

*M56 SPG
*M50 Ontos Self-Propelled Rifle
*M109 155 mm SP Howitzer "Paladin"
*M110 8" Howitzer
*M84 Mortar Carrier
*Non-Line-Of-Sight Cannon

Self-propelled air defense

*M42 40 mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
*M163 Vulcan Air Defense System
*M247 Sgt. York DIVAD
*M6 Bradley Linebacker SHORAD
*M730 Chaparral Self-propelled SAM launcher

Infantry fighting vehicles

*LVTP7/AAVP7A1 amphibious armored carrier
*M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Infantry and Cavalry Fighting Vehicles

Armored personnel carriers

*M59 Armored Personnel Carrier
*M75 Armored Personnel Carrier
*M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
*Grizzly APC

Engineering support vehicles

*M56 Coyote

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* List of armoured fighting vehicles
* List of military vehicles
* List of armoured fighting vehicles by country



* Zaloga, Steven and David Markov (2000), "Russia's T-80U Main Battle Tank," Hong Kong: Concord, ISBN 962-361-656-2.

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