Founded in 2000, Rato Association for the promotion of culture and science (Rato - Associação para a Divulgação Cultural e Científica in Portuguese) is a youth association, registered in the national register of youth associations to develop projects and initiatives to enforce the public access to information.

Rato - ADCC

The Association developes the following projcets:

Workshops about informatics and new technologies, website and multimedia projects for non-profit organizations.

In 2004 Rato ADCC signed a contract with the Camêra Municipal de Seixal, to get a space in the Oficina de Juventude do Miraejo dedicated to the development and performing of workshops of information technology.


Rato - ADCC is partner of the following institutions:

Instituto Português da Juventude (Portuguese youth institute) [http://www.ipj.juventude.gov.pt] (in portuguese)

Programa Juventude em Acção [http://www.juventude.pt/] (in Portuguese)

Câmara Municipal do Seixal [http://www.cm-seixal.pt/] (in Portuguese)

Câmara Municipal de Palmela [http://www.cm-palmela.pt/] (in Portuguese)

Câmara Municipal de Almada [http://www.cm-almada.pt/] (in Portuguese)

Junta de Freguesia de Corroios [http://www.jf-corroios.pt] (in Portuguese)

Escola Secundária de João de Barros [http://www.secundariajbarros.net/] (in Portuguese)

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http://www.rato-adcc.pt (Website of Rato - ADCC)

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