List of jazz violinists

This is a List of notable jazz violinists.

*Svend Asmussen (born 1916)
*Elek Bacsik (1926–1993)
*Billy Bang (born 1947)
*Polly Bradfield
*Regina Carter (born 1966)
*Graham Clark (born 1959)
*Mark Feldman
*Johnny Frigo (born 1916)
*Jerry Goodman
*Stéphane Grappelli (1908–1997)
*Valentin Gregor (born 1963)
*Carla Kihlstedt
*Tim Kliphuis
*Didier Lockwood (born 1956)
*Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999)
*Jean-Luc Ponty (born 1942)
*Zbigniew Seifert (1946–1979)
*Stuff Smith (1909–1967)
*Eddie South
*Micha Urbaniak
*Jelle van Tongeren
*Joe Venuti
*Ustad Dilshad Hussain Khan (born 1950)
*Gabriel Bolkosky (born 1973, also a classical violinist)

External links

* [ Legendary Violinists] (a public arts website)
* [ Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday] by Henry C. Lahee, an 1889 publication at Project Gutenberg
* [ Violinists on the Web:] An alphabetical listing of web pages on violinists, past and present.

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