Gold chalcogenides

Gold chalcogenides

Gold chalcogenides are compounds formed between
gold and one of the chalcogens, elements from
group 16 of the periodic table: oxygen,
sulfur, selenium or tellurium.

*Gold(III) oxide, Au2O3. decomposes into gold and oxygen above 160 °C. dissolves in concentrated alkalis to form solutions which probably contain the [Au(OH)4] ion
*Gold(I) sulfide, Au2S. formed by passing hydrogen sulfide through solutions of gold(I) compounds
*Gold(III) sulfide, Au2S3. unstable in the presence of water
*Gold tellurides: Au2Te3, Au3Te5 and AuTe2 are known as non-stoichiometric compounds. they show metallic conductivity. Au3Te5 is a superconductor at very low temperatures.

Natural gold tellurides, like calaverite AuTe2 and sylvanite AgAuTe4, are minor ores of gold (and tellurium).


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